RealShoots Model Application

What is RealShoots?

As well as being a professional pet photographer servicing private and commercial clients, I also teach pet photography to students worldwide.

RealShoots is my latest and most exciting teaching venture to date!

RealShoots is a series of 10 “live” shooting tutorial videos for pet photographers, presented in an online course.

Why do you want my dog?

Real life pet photography sessions are filmed by my super talented videographers and made into an instructional video. I would usually refer to my commercial dog model database to find dogs for kind of thing, but since the shoots need to be as “real life” as possible, I don’t want well-trained dogs to work with.

How does it work?

If your dog is selected, your pet photography session will run similarly to one of my paid client sessions. I’ll work with you and your dog to shoot a diverse range of images which may include action, portraits, candids, dog & owner and many other styles – check out my Portfolio to get an idea of types of images we might be creating from your session.

The video footage and audio taken at the photo session will be combined with still images, titles and voiceovers, and made into an instructional resource for pet photographers around the world to watch and learn from.

Sounds good, but what do I get?

As you and your dog play the starring role, you will have lifetime complimentary access to watch the video once it has been released.

Since this is a real life photo session, we’ll end up with some beautiful images of your dog. After the episode has been released, they’ll be uploaded to an online gallery for you to view.

You’ll be able to download web resolution, watermarked images to share with your friends and family. You’ll also have $300 in order credit to spend on prints and products!

What’s the catch?

Well, there isn’t really one, but you will need to sign a commercial model release for both yourself and your dog, which allows me to use the footage and images taken commercially. No scripted acting is required, you just need to act naturally while being filmed and photographed.

Episode 1: Rogue at the Beach

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Episode 2: Bandit at the Park

See Episode

Episode 3: Bella at Home

See Episode

Now Casting for Episode 4

The session for Episode 4 has been scheduled for Tuesday 31st October at 3pm until sunset (around 6pm). We’ll be shooting in a beautiful pine forest near Beerburrum (map link), north of Brisbane. You can check out some of the photos I’ve taken in this location at previous client sessions here.

Dog eligibility criteria

Here’s what I’m looking for for this episode:

One or two dogs

Dogs must be on current tick control measures (Bravecto, Advantix etc)

No Border Collies or working dogs/mixes (Aussies, Kelpies, Cattle Dogs etc) - any other breed is fine

Any age or gender

Medium to large dogs only - no small dogs this time as they're hard to see in long grass!

Lighter coloured dogs preferred

Longer coats preferred

Must have excellent off-leash recall

No other specific training required - the less the better!

Your eligibility criteria

Since we’re shooting in the pine forest and need to take some dirt tracks to get to the shooting location, a 4WD vehicle or car with good ground clearance is required due to the long grass growing in the middle of the road. The actual road is pictured below from my location scouting mission on the weekend.

A sense of adventure is also required – this is a unique place to shoot as it’s in the middle of nature, surrounded by acres and acres of beautiful pine forest. There will definitely be mosquitos but we’ll have excellent repellent to keep them away (supplied).

Date and time

The weather for Tuesday is looking good so we’ll be going ahead on that day regardless if it’s sunny or cloudy!

Apply now

If you know you have definitely previously applied specifically for RealShoots (not just my regular model database) – no need to complete the form again. Please just email me at and let me know your details, and that you are available.