About Charlotte

I’ve been talking to the animals since I was just a little pup and have always been happiest when surrounded by family pets. These days our furry family consists of two cheeky and super smart Australian Shepherds, Fletcher and Opal (who have way more Instagram followers than I do) but not that long ago, I was blessed to spend time on this earth with my beloved Great Danes.

I’m most inspired by my canine friends. I still pinch myself that I get to create beautiful dog portraits every single day. My passion for photography, combined with years of industry experience and a solid background in graphic design has enabled me to build a thriving business telling each dog's unique story.

When not adventuring outdoors with the dogs and my husband – camping, 4wding and bushwalking – I love curling up with a good historical fiction novel and a glass of Sav Blanc on our back deck, enjoying the peace and quiet of our bushland home. I’m somewhat of a history and archaeology nerd and love travelling and exploring new places around the world.

My perfect day involves driving around the chilly and remote Scottish countryside exploring ruined castles, followed by a hearty dinner fireside at a cozy traditional pub.

As you’ll quickly discover, I have a genuine interest in you and your pet. I love hearing funny stories about your experiences with your best mate – how you met – whether it was love at first sight – stories about those first months of puppy behaviour – all about your dog’s best friends – anything you want to tell me to give me a deeper insight into what makes them tick!

I look forward to meeting you and your best friend soon.

I have been interviewed on the Hair of the Dog blog.

My inspiration – Kaya and Luna

In our lives, there will always be those special pets who take a piece of our hearts with them when they go.

Kaya was my first Great Dane and the reason I set off down the road of pet photography. Starting a photo blog to document her rapid growth seemed the most obvious thing to do – it soon developed into long photo-essays featuring Kaya and her friends, adventures, and later her little sister Luna.

You can read Kaya’s Story here (tissues may be required).

I was blessed with Luna’s unconditional love and easy companionship in my life until September 2015, when she departed suddenly and unexpectedly for the big dog park in the sky. Her loss is still fresh and I miss her more than words can describe.

Inspired by Kaya and Luna, it’s my goal to provide as many pet owners as I can the chance to have what I was fortunate enough to have - beautiful images to remind you of fun times, make you laugh and love, and conjure happy memories long after paw prints fade from the earth.

Why choose me as your pet photographer?

Pet photography is my life

Not just a weekend hobby or part time diversion, pet photography is my chosen profession and full time job.

Even on my days off, whenever I visit new places my mind constantly churns – evaluating the light and assessing if it would be suitable for dogs. At every photo session, I discover a new trick or technique to use next time.

When you book a session, you’re guaranteed to recieve amazing service from start to finish from a truly experienced and dedicated professional.

I have years of experience

As one of the first specialised on-location pet photographers in Australia, I started photographing dogs professionally in 2007.

Ten years before that, you’d have found me fumbling in the dark loading black & white film, fiddling with enlarger dials in dim red light, printing endless test strips and up to my elbows mixing developing chemicals.

The knowledge I gained while learning the craft of shooting, developing and printing black & white and colour film while completing a Diploma of Photography has enabled me to better understand the most advanced concepts in this modern digital age of photography.

Animals are my life

Animals are ideal companions and a welcome and refreshing change from the crazy human world we live in.

Throughout my life, I’ve been continually been drawn to nurture, interact with and record the lives of our furry friends. I’ve had dogs, cats, guinea pigs, chickens, sheep, geese, horses and even a green tree frog with an underbite called Zena!

Through owning and training my own dogs and constant exposure to our canine friends on a daily basis through my work, I have gained a solid understanding of doggy behaviour. By reading their body language and connecting with them on a level and in a language they understand, every dog I meet teaches me more.

I'm ridiculously patient

Working with animals is never straightforward and even the best laid plans frequently go completely out the window!

In fact, sometimes it’s better not to plan at all. The key to working with animals, dogs in particular, is to be continually adapable, improvise endlessly and be incredibly patient.

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of practice at this and have developed heaps of tricks and techniques to get the shot regardless of your dog’s behaviour. I always strive to make your session fun and low-pressure.

I'm a perfectionist

A combination of professional quality gear and years of expertise allows me to achieve the best possible shots for you.

While shooting, I continually make fine manual adjustments to achieve perfect exposure on every shot. Before you see your images for the first time, they’re meticulously and lovingly crafted into works of art in my digital darkroom. I spend hours editing – removing leads and distracting objects, deleting eye gunk, colour correcting, tone balancing and fine tuning each image individually.

I worked as a graphic and website designer for many years and love throwing on my design hat for photography projects. I have a great eye for layout and composition and this shines through in the beautiful products I present and the expert advice I offer about displaying your images at their very best.

I give back to society

Right from the beginning, I’ve always set aside time in my busy schedule to volunteer at pet rescue organisations.

I’m a Service Professional Member of HeARTspeak, a fantastic worldwide organisation dedicated to uniting artists with shelters and animal relief organizations. I’ve worked with a number of rescue organisations, donating my time to photograph adoptable dogs and cats, creating calendars, donating sessions to raffles and running fundraising photo booths at events.

You can read more about my volunteer work below.

Giving back

Charlotte produces stunning work because she knows just how to uniquely bring out the best in every dog.

A long-time supporter of rescue, she donates her time and talents to help homeless animals find their new families through beautiful images. Charlotte is a pleasure to deal with and her photos reflect her genuine love of animals.

– Marnie Gray, SHAMROQ

Peninsula Animal Aid has been extremely fortunate to have had the support of Charlotte since 2012.

Charlotte has given generously of her many talents, including her spectacular photographic work.  She has a wonderful way with animals, and is a pleasure to work with.

Charlotte has very kindly donated her time and stunning photography for Peninsula Animal Aid’s calendars and Santa Paws Photographs each year.  PAA was privileged to be nominated by Charlotte as one of three rescues to share in the proceeds of her beautiful book Tails of Brisbane.

I cannot thank Charlotte enough for her support, and would have no hesitation in highly recommending her.

– Anne Carmichael, Peninsula Animal Aid

Pet rescue volunteer work

Booking a session for your own furry family not only guarantees a collection of beautiful images for yourself - it also supports my ability to donate my time to photograph unwanted dogs and cats waiting patiently for loving forever homes of their own.

I regularly volunteer my time to pet rescue organisations south-east Queensland, providing professional photography of adoptable pets. The main aim is to find the best homes possible for them in the shortest time and beautiful images shared on social media and online are proven to increase adoption rates.


I am proud to be a full Service Professional Member of HeARTspeak, a fantastic worldwide organisation dedicated to uniting artists with shelters and animal relief organizations.

You can find out more about them via this excellent feature article on the Consumers Advocate website.

Tails of Brisbane

Tails of Brisbane was an ambitious personal project I completed in 2016. During the project, I documented the many unique sights of our sunshine state capital and the dogs who live here through beautifully-styled, professionally produced images.

The resulting high quality limited edition hardcover coffee table book features over 100 dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds and a range of Brisbane locations, including views and landmarks, iconic buildings, parks, community areas, selected suburbs and historical buildings.

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Fundraising for Brisbane Pet Rescue Organisations

The main purpose of the Tails of Brisbane project was to donate much-needed funds to local pet rescue organisations. Funds that help them find unwanted, abandoned dogs and cats new forever homes and contribute to vet bills and rescue running costs. The project target of $5,000 was exceeded, with a grand total of $5375 raised through participation fees and product purchases.

The Brisbane pet rescue organisations supported by the Tails of Brisbane project are: