Client Session ~ Giselle the Great Dane

While we are on the subject of Great Danes, I thought I’d share one of the dogs from a recent three dog session I had while in Sydney over Easter. The owner in question actually has a total of four dogs and regularly takes on foster dogs from the pound, buying them time so they can be rehomed. The work she does is amazing and she’s been instrumental in saving many wonderful dogs who would have otherwise met their end while waiting for a new home at the pound.

When her beloved Great Dane boy Xander sadly passed away, she decided that now was the time for her to treat herself to a puppy, after so many years of taking on adult dogs and foster failures.

So, meet Giselle! Giselle is a beautiful merle mantle girl with big brown eyes, the cutest black and pink muzzle and a most endearing expression. Never fear though, she knows how to assert herself in her pack as well!



Those big brown eyes look amazing in both colour and black and white.




Love those little white whiskers!




As a final note, Giselle is a total water baby, and super smart too! She loves playing with the garden hose and actually grabs it in her mouth, hauls it over to her water bowl and fills the bowl with water. Don’t believe me? Check out this video of Giselle when she was younger, doing exactly that. Plus more of Giselle and her water-baby ways.


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