Client Session ~ Sparkles the Great Dane

On the same day as Boo’s session, I was back at Berry Island Reserve again in the afternoon to meet with Sparkles and her mum for her turn in the spotlight. Unfortunately the tide has risen during the day so we couldn’t get access to the beach and rocks, but the gorgeous Sparkles happily made do with some frolicking in the water instead.

After that it was off up the hill to the bush section of the reserve with lots of big boulders to stand on and do what Great Dane do best – look majestic!

Sparkles was a perfect subject, being five years old she had most of the puppy business out of the way and I could focus in on the details.

Then it was back to looking regal again on the rocks.

Finishing off with one of  my favourite shots – the nose! Noses on harlequin Great Danes often start off with lots of pink then slowly fill in with black as they grow up.

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  • Michelle

    6 August, 2009 at 11:44 am Reply

    absolutely gorgeous!!

  • Shirley

    6 August, 2009 at 9:11 pm Reply

    Thanks Charlotte you captured her beautifully (Proud Mum)

  • Jay Herman

    19 September, 2009 at 7:42 am Reply

    Charlotte, I adore your work!! I’m a new pet photographer in Austin, TX USA and find your images breathtaking. Please have a look at my site. It’s new but on its’ way… I look forward to your updates!!

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