Client Session ~ Amanda & Josh’s Engagement + Rajko & Archer the German Shepherds

Amanda contacted me just days before I was due to leave for Melbourne to book a session, so we hurried the process along and got it organised, taking up my one remaining spot! We met at the Royal Botanic Gardens in the heart of Melbourne, what a beautiful spot.

Amanda and Josh mainly were after some photos to celebrate their engagement and to plan their upcoming wedding, but of course the kids came along too. Both German Shepherds, Rajko (almost 2, right) and Archer (just 6 1/2 months, left) were a lovely pair.

Being a bit older and less excitable, Rajko stood out as the modelling star!

Though young Archer didn’t disappoint with his cute puppy-ish expressions!

The gardens were huge and we spent a long time just wandering around and exploring, stopping every now and then when we found something cool. This park bench had some lovely light amongst the trees that we just had to make use of.


Right near the Botanic Gardens is the Shrine of Remembrance, one of Melbourne’s most iconic landmarks. It’s a pretty amazing building, offering epic architecture and great views over the gardens and the city.

The lions in the statue kind of reminded me of Rajko and Archer, guardians to Amanda and Josh, and it was fun making visual parallels.

I just love old architecture and interesting features and the shrine didn’t disappoint, this door was just fantastic!

Melbourne really turned on some lovely light for me.

I couldn’t resist these shots of Archer, being very cute!

Plus a couple more of the whole family.

After finishing up at the shrine, we took a rush trip to the Abbotsford Convent. What an awesome place! So many cool nooks and crannies, stone and wood textures and amazing old architecture. Make sure you follow the link above to learn more about this fantastic location.

We left the dogs having a well earned rest in the car for this part of the session and concentrated on love-birds Amanda and Josh. There was actually markets and lots of awesome smelling multicultural food (I just happened to be starving too, typical!) happening in the main part of the convent, so we found some deserted little corners and got shooting.

When we came around a corner to find this tree, I was delighted! I love trees and this one was a beauty. In the failing light we grabbed a couple of quick shots under its leafy green branches, then moved on.

Some of the buildings in the complex are in a sad state of repair, but are being slowly restored back to their former glory with the help of fundraising and getting the public involved. Much of the architecture around the back side of the convent looked pretty original, including this loading dock door.

And another one, just around the corner.

The last stop in our self guided tour was what looked like it used to be stables, in their original condition! Just amazing. I even took some shots with my trusty film camera loaded with black and white film, so it will be interesting to see how they turn out as well when I get the film developed.

Amanda and Josh (and their gorgeous pooches) were so fun to work with, happily obliging in whatever strange things I asked them to do. I wish them all the best for their wedding and a happy future together!

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  • Amanda

    16 March, 2010 at 7:51 am Reply

    Just stunning Charlotte, we couldn’t have asked for anything better!!!
    Excattly what we were after! Thanks again!!
    Next time you’re in Melbourne, we’re going to have to book another session in for sure!!

  • Simon

    16 March, 2010 at 2:40 pm Reply

    Fantastic set, I think you just invented a new niche Charlotte! Never seen an engagement/dog shoot before. Good luck A&J.

  • Lexi

    17 March, 2010 at 10:20 am Reply

    I Love GSDs. Their expressions are priceless. Love the one where his head is turned almost 90 degrees!

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