Client Session ~ Cadbury and Jaffa the Poodle x Spaniels (Spoodles)

Dena was lucky enough to score a session as a birthday present from her family for their two pups, Cadbury and Jaffa. She was also lucky enough to score a free Zig Zag in a giveaway I ran on Facebook! Her favourite colour also just happens to be pink, so a pink Zig Zag is perfect for her. So, onto the pups.

These two furry munchkins are sooo alike, so alike in fact that I may have trouble telling the difference here, so I apologise in advance! They are actually brother and sister, though from different litters as it was a repeat breeding. Dena wanted a non-allergenic dog and found a litter of Poodle x Spaniel pups advertised and just fell in love with the puppies and had a to have one, so Cadbury joined the family.

It soon became obvious that one just wasn’t enough, so they contacted the breeder who just happened to have another litter with the same parents available. Jaffa was chosen and brought home and the two became instant best friends.

These guys are just so cuddly and true to their Poodle heritage, they don’t shed hair.

The family had just finished renovating a lovely little BBQ area in their backyard which made for a great backdrop.

I was in love with those Poodly legs! We managed to get them up onto this old bench chair, the textures suited them so well.

How alike are they!

After the serious modelling business in the backyard was over, we headed to the park where the pair had a big run around in all the open space.

Flying tongues and ears were the order of the day!

I can only tell his because of their colour-coded collars, but that’s Jaffa on the left and Cadbury on the right, having a well-earned break from all their running around.

Dena just loves her babies so we had to get a couple of shots of her with them.

What a crazy and fun pair of pups!

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  • Ruth

    26 August, 2010 at 7:58 am Reply

    I love the one on the bench, so cute!

  • Michelle

    26 August, 2010 at 1:50 pm Reply

    Adorable dogs!!! Gorgeous photographs.

  • Claire

    30 August, 2010 at 9:57 pm Reply

    i love these guys!!

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