Client Session ~ Odin the Golden Retriever and Inara the Labrador Retriever in Brisbane

Odin and Inara’s parents were lucky enough to win a photography session with me in the Golden Retriever Club of Queensland’s Silent Auction a few months ago. These are two of the most chilled out retrievers you’ll ever meet, guaranteed!

We had the session at a family members place they hadn’t visited much before, so they were pretty keen to check out all the new smells. Inara is just 12 months old and definitely the most relaxed Labrador Retriever pup I’ve come across. She has the sweetest face and who couldn’t love the cute little ridge on her nose?

Like one typical of her breed, she loves playing in water, happily digging all the water out of a bucket, before discovering this ornamental fountain! I’m sure she thought it was put there just for her to drink out of and play in.

Odin the Golden Retriever is a rescue, estimated to be about 3 years old, who joined the family after Inara. They instantly became best friends! Something tells me though that the gorgeous Odin would quite happy get along with anyone or any dog he’s introduced to.

The two get on famously and while content to just chill out near each other, when I brought out a squeaky there was a bit more excitement in the air, so they took it up and notch and gave us a demonstration of their play fighting abilities!

The backyard we were in is a lovely location, with a deck, lovely green grass and gardens. It provided some great colours and textures for backgrounds!

Odin really is just a big cuddle bunny.

He loves lying flat out on his back getting belly rubs from his Mum, I swear he’s smiling here!

Being such a chilled out and happy boy, it was hard to get him to look alert for his starring shots! I managed here, but of course the lip caught up in his teeth kind of spoils the effect. It’s a pretty good representation of his character though!

Odin and Inara’s parents were keen to get some pics of the two dogs together, so we set them up and I snapped away and got lucky enough to score this one. I had to save up my most crazy high pitched noise for this and it paid off with the dual head tilt action, awesome!

Thanks for letting me spend the afternoon with you and your lovely dogs! It was a pleasure.

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  • Lynn (in Katy, TX)

    20 August, 2010 at 1:25 am Reply

    Gorgeous dogs! Gorgeous photos! As always! 😉

  • Michelle

    23 August, 2010 at 2:30 pm Reply

    What awsome dogs and fantsitc photos. Odin and Inara’s parents must be so happy. Great work Charlotte.

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