Client Session ~ Ellie and Finn [Part 2]

We had part one of Ellie and Finn’s photo session at the beach on the Gold Coast. Unfortunately we had to end the session early due to an angry swarm of sandflies that we were totally unprepared for! The next weekend I headed up to Brisbane to capture this gorgeous pair of pups at their home and took up where we left off.

These two girls play together so well! The first half hour of our session was spent running around with the girls as they enjoyed their new toy together. Sharing is caring.

Finn does tend to forget this at times though and runs off, hoarding the toy. Which sometimes means poor Ellie loses interest (and leaves Finn wondering why she’s not playing with her any more).

Finn was definitely the star and camera hog of the session so I made sure I paid special attention to capturing shots of Miss Ellie as well. The hard part with her was managing to capture her before she realised that I was within cuddle/licking/attention distance to her.

Upon which she would rush over and attend to all three tasks at once! Here I am trying to fend her off with my knees (with Finn still totally absorbed in her toy in the background).

Did I mention Finn was a major camera hog? This girl is the perfect combination. Happy to keep her distance but also totally happy to sit there posing it up – whether that be looking directly down the camera lens or staring off into the distance.

What a ham! I love the bit of grass on her nose.

A few times while totally absorbed in photographing the born model, I would lie down to get a good angle…

Only to have the inner reaches of my ear enthusiastically assaulted by a rather affectionate Ellie.

After much playing and hard work (my doggy models work hard for their glamour shots!) Ellie was quite happy to sit at a distance, giving her best blue steel impression.

Interspersed with looks of knowing and humour that can only come from a dog who has been on this earth for ten years.

She had both of these looks well and truly under control, methinks a certain someone had been holding out on me!

Towards the end of our session, it was time to bring out the treats for some focus.

Although these kinds of shots may be seen as cliche, I still love them as they represent a view of our dogs that we are so familiar with.

Bringing out treats however is not without it’s hazards! Among them, spit bubbles and crazy rolling around on the ground kinda reactions, apparently…

As the sun dipped towards the horizon, I played around with some gorgeous late afternoon backlight for these shots of miss supermodel herself, Finn.

I had such a fantastic time with these girls and their family too, thanks for letting me share your home for the afternoon! I stuck around for a while and had lots of lovely Finn cuddles afterwards, while Ellie crashed out on her bed and caught up on some well-deserved rest.

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  • Robert

    12 January, 2011 at 8:35 am Reply

    Love your website! Quality work… I’ve dabbled in Pet photography it’s tricky stuff. Good to see someone doing this professionally!

  • Millacent Johnston

    6 August, 2013 at 9:12 am Reply

    Lovely Boxer photos 🙂

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