Client Session ~ Roy the Toy Poodle

When Roy’s mum contacted me to organise a session for 18 month old Roy the Toy Poodle, I was excited! The Sovereign Islands on the Gold Coast is a photographer’s dream, surrounded by water, stately homes and beautiful parklands. And Poodles really are the best fun to work with, definitely one of the smarter breeds. Roy is actually in training to be a therapy dog through the Delta Society program, an occupation that I think will suit him perfectly.

We started off inside Roy’s home. The living area is graced by floor to ceiling windows facing out onto the water and has some fantastic natural light. Roy was eager to show me all the cool places he’s allowed to hang out.

I have to admit I was completely spoiled with Roy, such an easy dog to work with! Quite happy to sit, stand or lie where we wanted him and very focused on what I had to offer, be that treats or toys.

The hallway had some pretty cool features I just had to feature.

Roy couldn’t just sit around posing all day though, there were lots of things he needed to show me outside! The pool is one of his favourite places to hang out. Although a little cold for swimming right now, he loves patrolling the edge retrieving objects from the water.

He also likes to help himself to the pool water.

Roy is quite obviously a water baby so we headed down to the pontoon. Roy demonstrated how he helps out around the place.

He also is quite the little sailor and thoroughly enjoys heading out for adventures with his mum and dad on the waters of the Gold Coast. Not today though unfortunately, he had serious modelling business to take care of!

Roy spends a lot of time with his mum and the bond between them is so sweet. He happily cuddles in her arms and I get the feeling they both enjoy their time together. I love the way he’s looking at me in this shot, as if to say “yeah, I love my mum, so what?”

As the sun dipped lower in the afternoon sky, we headed off on a short walk to the picturesque park down the road. What a fantastic place! Roy obviously loves it there – so much to see, smell and do.

Luckily he maintained professionalism at all times and didn’t shirk his duty as the token model of the day. This is one seriously happy pooch!

There is a lovely little pond at the park complete with lilly pads, so of course Roy needed to check it out.

This is my favourite shot of the session – it has the perfect combination of gorgeous location, beautiful late afternoon light and Roy’s alert expression.

This is another favourite, there is something about the light, colours and juxtaposition of textures in this I am in love with!

Towards the end of our session we settled down on the grass for some relaxed shots. Roy still had much more in reserve and was keen to keep exploring and playing, keenly spying his next adventure while his mum looks on.

This last shot I had envisaged earlier and we waited until the sun was exactly on the horizon before attempting it. I love the stark contrast and the rim light on Roy’s fur, with the boats and houses in the background.

Believe it or not, we had terrible luck with weather trying to schedule his on-location session and had to reschedule FOUR times to get the perfect weather that you see in these images. In the meantime, we decided to get Roy into my studio for some time in the limelight, which you’ll see on the blog soon.

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  • Sarah

    13 August, 2012 at 11:17 pm Reply

    Charlotte, I’m so happy you finally had this session! I am in love and these images are amazing! I love them all, especially the silhouette! Gorgeous!!!

  • Suzanne Kucera

    14 August, 2012 at 7:15 am Reply

    Stunning photography, adorable Roy, we love you.

  • Suzanne Kucera

    14 August, 2012 at 7:34 am Reply

    Hi Michelle Williams, this is my sister Carmen, dog Roy.

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