The 13 Project

With all the bad news and horror stories we’re exposed to every day about the pet overpopulation problem, puppy farming, breed specific legislation, factory farming, animal abuse and sooo many more similar topics, it’s sometimes hard to see a clear path forward, and understand how you can make a difference to all these seemingly unsurmountable problems that face us and our animal friends on a daily basis.

Don’t lose heart, there is hope! The 13 Project, as developed by Serena from the awesome doggy blog Pretty Fluffy, aims to do just that. It’s based on participants listing 13 ways they can help or things they can actively do to contribute to change before 2013, in the 13 weeks remaining in this year. Even if they are just small things, every little bit helps and you’ll be making a different to a pet’s life. You’re all encouraged to contribute in ways that suit you, which is great because it means everyone can participate!

I love this idea because personally, it gives me a great sense of direction of purpose and help me commit my time to make things happen in a positive, forward-moving way.

Serena asked me to be a part of this movement last week and I immediately started brainstorming to come up with a list of 13 ways I could make a difference. I concentrated on issues that I am already close to, as I know by doing this I’ll be more motivated to carry through and tick them all off by the end of the year. I’ve included a couple of items on my list to do with canine cancer, as this is an issue close to my heart after losing my first Great Dane Kaya to cancer at just two years old.

So, after much thought and deliberation, here’s my list, split into big things and little things.

The big things:

  1. Photograph at least 13 dogs and cats available for adoption from the rescue organisations I currently work with – Peninsula Animal Aid, Best Friends Rescue, Arctic Breed Rescue and Great Dane Rescue & Rehoming, and promote them through Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Donate $25 for each private session booked to a pet rescue organisation of the client’s choice. This will be a permanent change to my policies!
  3. Start planning my own 2014 calendar project – “Canine Cancer Survivors” – to be photographed throughout 2013 with all proceeds to be donated to the Australian Animal Cancer Foundation
  4. Start talks with local rescue organisations to develop enhanced website presences, utilising and volunteering my graphic and web design skills.

The little things:

  1. Create and share a blog post about a dog that has been waiting for a home for a long time.
  2. Purchase and promote the Arctic Breed Rescue 2013 calendar, when available.
  3. Create and share a blog post about one of the rescue organisations I work with and let people know how they can help.
  4. Donate Kaya’s old collars and leads (that I’ve been holding onto for sentimental reasons for so long) to a shelter where they’ll be used and appreciated.
  5. Purchase and promote the Great Dane Rescue & Rehoming 2013 calendar, when available.
  6. Promote responsible pet ownership to everyone I meet who I think will benefit from it.
  7. Donate my time to photographing for Amanda Vella’s Save a Horse Australia‘s 2013 calendar and buy a copy and promote it when it comes out.
  8. Purchase and promote the Peninsula Animal Aid 2013 calendar, which I photographed earlier this year.
  9. Commit to a promotional period for 2013 where I donate 100% of the session fees to the National Canine Cancer Foundation, through the Smile for a Cure movement.

Big congrats to Serena from Pretty Fluffy for creating this movement and asking me to be a part of it. Make sure you head over and check out the blog post where all the participants are listed, then visit their lists and offer your support!

I’ll be updating this post regularly when I tick off items, so check back at the end of the year to see how I’ve done!

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  • Serena

    8 October, 2012 at 5:58 pm Reply

    Thank you so much for joining Charlotte! Your list is amazing. The calendar project alone is just inspiring. I can’t wait to see you achieve all your big and little goals xx

  • Lola

    8 October, 2012 at 9:00 pm Reply

    Charlotte, this is so great! Your work is flawless and your commitment to animals is inspiring.
    I’ve had my usual look at the PAA site and the photos are awesome. The pets look so handsome! I still can’t believe some of them are still there after such a long time.
    I’ll be certainly checking the blog and I’m sure you will achieve all of this goals and may you achieve everything you set up to do in your life.
    Coraline sends her warmest regards too xx

  • Ann Stebbing

    27 November, 2012 at 10:57 pm Reply

    This sounds like a great idea and really makes you think. I’ll check out thier blog.

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