Client Session ~ Pippi & Hooch in Brisbane

Pippi the Golden Retriever and Hooch the Maltese X Shih Tzu are owned by the mum of Bowie and Butters’ mum (is that just a bit confusing?) – so these guys all get to hang out together pretty often! I find it cute that they both have a large and a small fluffy dog, in either a black or white ‘set’ – funny how things turn out sometimes, I’m sure it wasn’t intentional!

We started out the session at some bushland just down the road from their lovely restored Queenslander house in the beautiful suburb of Annerley in south Brisbane. This city is lucky to have many of these reserves dotted through the suburbs, featuring walking trails and natural bushland – ideal for relaxing after a hard day at work and getting back to nature. As well as being a great location for dog photography.

Pippi’s soft fur and light colouring was perfectly framed by the colours of the Aussie bush.

Hooch may be little, but boy does is he expressive with that cute Maltese x Shih Tzu face of his! He can do the full range of looks, from blue steel to deliriously happy. He definitely had his happy face on when I photographed him on the walking trail.

As did his big sister, Pippi. These two definitely enjoy life!

The light filtering through the trees was lovely, perfectly backlighting Hooch’s soft white coat.

Remember I mentioned Hooch’s blue steel look? Well, this is it. The overall serious effect is somewhat diluted by the hilariousness of his little bottom teeth making an appearance though!

Pippi is your typical happy and cruisy Golden Retriever. I have said it before, but I just love this breed! The more Golden’s I meet, the more I fall in love with them. Pippi is certainly no exception.

Back at the house, we took a few shots downstairs under the deck in the gravel. Funny how something as simple as gravel can look so cool when it’s out of focus!

We ended up spending most of the session on the front deck with both dogs. The colours of the deck – painted white and lavender – complimented the white colouring of the dogs so well, and the light was amazing. Hooch was very willing to model as long as there were treats involved!

This is my favourite shot of the session. I love Hooch’s expression and that slight bit of head tilt he has going on! The collar and tags he was wearing look great too – I love it when clients go to that extra bit of effort to choose something especially for the session, it really makes a difference.

Hooch’s variety of modelling looks just kept on coming, he has them all.

Pippy was so laid back during our session, we barely managed to get her ears to prick up at all – she was obviously telling us she had seen it all, and was not super impressed by treats or us running around madly with toys and squeakies to get her attention. Her best look was when we threw toys off the edge of the verandah (which later had to be retrieved from the top of the car).

All that just goes to show what a happy, well adjusted and chilled out dog she is.

Even to the extent of lying down for a little nap, mid session! Go right head there, Pippi.

Just a couple more of Hooch’s expressions. He was such a good sport at being placed (and staying without complaint) on random deck furniture, as uncomfortable as it was. This boy is a true pro model!

I had a lovely afternoon hanging out with these guys. Thanks for having me!

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  • Christine McNamara

    19 April, 2013 at 8:27 am Reply

    Great photos of our babies, thank you Charlotte!
    We had a lot of fun.

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