Client Session ~ Clive the Staffy Maltese Mix in Mackay

The second of my sessions booked for beautiful Mackay, I was really looking forward to meeting the fabled Clive! He’s owned by one of my good friend’s partner’s sister (follow that?) and I’d already been privy to some sneaky peek shots of this rather unusual looking boy. I found out later after the DNA test results came in, he’s a Staffy with a little bit of Maltese thrown in – I can definitely see that mix in him!


Out on the front deck of the beautiful renovated Queenslander house that Clive calls home, he definitely rules the roost. And with some crazy noises, he gave me some pretty epic head tilts.


This little dude is the king of funny expressions!


Out in the back yard, Clive showed off his supreme bubble-chasing skills. Apparently, they were liver treat flavoured, especially for dogs! No wonder he was so keen to catch them.


Clive’s mum and dad are keen football fans, so of course Clive follows in their footsteps. His favourite toy is a football! It’s rather flat, but all the better to grab hold of right?


Next we headed to the waterfront so Clive could have a run around and explore the beach.


But not before he showed his mum how much he loves her. In the best way he knows how.


I think this shot shows how much he resembles both his breeds. Can you see Staffy and also Maltese in there? Mostly Staffy though!


He certainly has that happy Staffy grin nailed.


The dune sands and grasses provided a gorgeous backdrop and we were also lucky enough to get some sunshine through breaks in the clouds.


It was however very windy, so Clive continued to entertain us with hilarious faces!


After having a bit of a romp around in the shallow waters of the seaside, Clive got his serious pants on and posed for us in front of some cool dead trees I found a little further up the beach.


A fitting end for the shoot, Clive’s attention was fixated by some kite surfers offshore. I love a good storytelling shot!