Client Session ~ Sam and Jessie in Mackay

Clear blue skies and warm weather greeted me as I flew into Mackay. I soon learned that clear skies can change pretty quickly in this place, but we were lucky enough to have them stick around for our session with Sam and Jessie – two smalls pups that I quickly discovered were full of personality! We met at the Botanical Gardens where they often go walking. Miss Jessie likes to walk at her own pace, which involves lots of stopping and taking in the scents and scenery, definitely making my job easy.

Sam on the other hand likes to move along and explore everything as he goes. Getting his attention was a bit of a challenge, but the upside is that I spent more time working at it and ended up with some shots that really capture his unique character.

I think Jessie is well aware of her pretty face and good looks, so was happy to pose for us in front of the flowers.

Sam needed a little more encouragement to stay in the one spot – there was just so much to check out! But we worked with this by putting him up on things like garden beds and rocks. He did seem to have a perpetual look of confusion, but I get the impression that’s a pretty normal state for this little guy.

I think he even started to get the hang of this modelling business towards the end of our time at the gardens, giving us some great expressions. I love the Melaleuca (Paperbark) background of this shot.

I think checking out the ducks was a high point for Sam.

Back at home, Sam was more in his element, showing off his extreme tennis-ball-chasing moves. He wasn’t keen on bringing it back once thrown though!

Though he was pretty interested in the treats we had on offer.

As was beautiful Jessie!

We worked hard to get this shot of them together. Patience, repetition and lots of treats helped us triumph in the end. Sam still manages to look confused though.

While Jessie is just naturally super pretty. Those ears!

Jessie loves her belly rubs and cuddles with mum.

With the treats all eaten and the belly thoroughly rubbed, Jessie sat up on the back deck and obliged one last time with some pretty head tilts. What a gorgeous girl she is!

I love discovering the character of the dogs I photograph, every one is unique and has their little habits and characteristics. Sam and Jessie were so much fun to work with – Sam was definitely a challenge but I love the photos I ended up with of him – full of character and funny expressions. Fiona and Jason, thanks for making me feel welcome in Mackay and for such a fun afternoon!

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