Client Session ~ Flick the Bull Terrier on the Gold Coast

Pizzey Park in Miami is somewhere I’ve been many times with my own dogs when I lived on the Gold Coast. There’s the most beautiful pine forest, a big lake and a little sandy beach, along with lots of other pretty nooks and crannies for photographing dogs. Imagine my delight when Kerrie emailed to book in her 13 year old Bull Terrier, Flick, and requested this very location which is actually her local park that Flick loves!

The aim of the session was to obtain some images as a gift for Kerrie’s partner for Father’s Day. For this reason, it had to be kept secret until then. It was so hard not to share all the beautiful images I’d taken, but I managed.

After growing up with and loving Bull Terriers her whole life, Kerrie added Flick to the family at 8 weeks old and they’ve been together ever since.

“They’re loyal and affectionate and great companions. Although not the prettiest of breeds, the Bull Terrier makes up for it with their personality, which Flick has tonnes of.”

Although not conventionally “pretty” – that roman-nosed Bull Terrier look has quite a following. I think they look quite regal!

Being mostly deaf, my usual repertoire of high pitched noises, whistles and squeaks had little effect on getting Flick to perk up. Luckily though, she has a fully functional sense of taste and was rather motivated by the yummy treats on offer.

This expression is definitely “treat face” – those ears couldn’t be more pricked up! This shot made it as the cover image of the album Kerrie ordered.

At certain times of the year, the sun sets in just the right spot behind the trees and it’s possible to use the lake as a giant mirror, reflecting the bokeh from the trees. Flick loves poking around in the shallow water and I am in love with the way this image turned out – my absolute favourite from the session. I was so happy when Kerrie agreed with me and ordered it as a large canvas, along with two others.

Flick brought along her favourite ball for the session. Well used, a little worse for wear but definitely well loved – much like Flick herself. They made a good pair.

Moving around to the other side of the lake allowed us to utilise some different backgrounds for variety.

Luckily for me, Flick was still hungry! Don’t the reeds in behind her next to the lake look pretty?

I last heard from Kerrie in late 2014 when she emailed me and said Flick was still going strong at 14 years old, just with a few more grey hairs. Good on her!

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