Travel Session ~ Mischa & Teddy the Puppies in Canberra

These two little bundles of fluff were so worth getting up at 5am for! It was pretty cloudy on the way over and stayed that way for about half the session, so we were blessed with lots of soft light, perfect for puppies.

Little Mischa was such a wonderful model for me. It didn’t take long for her to understand that all she had to do was sit there and look pretty, and the treats would flow!


Mischa also showed me her cheeky side, being a little monkey with her ball in the grass. The grass wasn’t even very long, she’s just super tiny!


At only three months old, Teddy was a bit more of a challenge, with typical puppy lack of focus! Treats worked for short periods though so we loaded him up on those, making sure they were super tiny so we didn’t fill up his little stomach too much.


Mischa greatly enjoyed the treats on offer too!


During some timeout from the more serious modelling, we played with my (very popular) mini squeaky ball and darling Mischa was happy to bounce along and pounce on it over and over! Her focus on the ball was so intent, and her mum’s aim with the ball so good (I always say “throw it right at me, I don’t care if you hit me with it!”) that on one run she actually ran smack bang into the end of my lens, poor thing. She was fine though – I think all that fluffy while fur protected her.


Halfway through the session, we drove over to the in-laws place and finished the shoot in their lovely front garden. There were some great textures and also lots of colourful flowers.


What could be cuter than puppies in flowers?!


While we were there, the sun even came out which allowed me to backlight Mischa. That fluffy white fur was begging for it.


Little Teddy pulled some hilarious faces for me.


While pretty Mischa liked to stick with the tried and tested serious model stare.


I’m sure these two will grow up to be the best of friends!