Deluxe Session ~ Pappy the Corgi mix in Brisbane

Pappy is a super adorable Corgi cross, much loved by his mum Louise. We met at a lovely park in south east Brisbane with lots of space for Pappy to explore – he spent much time sniffing around! Lucky we had some liver treats on hand (his absolute favourite) to lure him back into posing nicely for us.

As his shiny eyes looked up at me from the lush grass, I marvelled at how just a bit of love and a happy home can transform our furry friends into the happiest creatures alive.

Little Pappy here is now a super happy chappy, but before he was adopted by his adoring mum, he was waiting apprehensively in a foster home, vulnerable and wary of the world (and big scary men) and afraid of being left alone, but bravely waiting for someone to come along and sweep him away to a brand new life.

When Louise turned up after seeing his profile on the PetRescue website, he settled himself on her lap and hasn’t looked back! It was love at first sight. Pappy is now full of confidence and very secure, as Louise says – “He’s my little lion.”

For the second location of this Deluxe Session, we headed to Wynnum to catch some soft post-sunset lighting. Walking along the jetty with Louise, Pappy trotting along contentedly beside us, it occurred to me just how much we can enrich our furry friend’s lives, and how they return the favour tenfold.

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