Chew Chomp and Chill – Grand Opening

Before Christmas I was chatting with Kay, the owner of one of my model dogs, after a mentoring session when she mentioned she’d soon be starting up a boutique pet store in Auchenflower. My ears pricked up at this news as I’ve been looking for a business to partner with in that general area of the city for a while. We discussed the possibility of putting some of my wall art up in the store, in addition to setting up a consult room for client viewing and ordering sessions and mentoring.

Fast forward a couple of months, and Kay’s store is now up and running! Chew Chomp and Chill is a wonderful little shop in the suburbs focused on providing ethically sourced, nutritionally balanced raw pet food from another Brisbane company, The Complete Pet Company, along with enrichment toys for dogs and lots of other goodies. You’ll find things in this store that you won’t find elsewhere so it’s worth a visit, especially if you have a dog that enjoys a mental challenge!

The Grand Opening was held on Saturday 1st March and was a great success, with heaps of people turning up to check out the store and buy goodies for their dogs. I was there with Luna for a few hours and she had fun cruising around the store saying hello to everyone.

Here’s Luna swanning around like she owns the joint. Or greeting people nicely as they arrive. Depends on whose point of view you take!

I love all the colour in the store! My canvases up on the walls, the tug and enrichment toys, the coloured lanterns. Such an inviting space.

The french doors lead in from the front patio area into one of the consult rooms where I hold client viewing and ordering sessions. You can also see the workroom out the back with desk and chairs, used for mentoring sessions.

Luna taking a break from proceedings and keeping cool on the front patio.

The front counter.

Lots of fun goodies and enrichment toys for dogs!

Freezers packed with raw food from The Complete Pet Company.

Luna trying out the Green Feeder. This seems to be a really popular item – dogs love it! It’s an alternative to using a bowl to feed as it makes the dog puzzle out how to get the food around the fingers to where they can reach it. Great for dogs who tend to rush at dinner time!

As a side note, Luna is usually pretty laid back and somewhat lacking in drive, so after retrieving a few bits of food she lost interest. As soon as I pulled my camera out, she was back in there working hard to get the rest of the kibble out. And she maintains she doesn’t like being photographed! Pfftt…. Luna – there were witnesses – you are most definitely a camera diva.

I photographed Logan last year and was excited to see him again (all grown up this time) when he dropped in with his mum and dad and promptly made friends with all the other customers! Luna decided his puppy exuberance needed some toning down and gave him the evil eye (while happily accepting his kisses, what a cougar!) until he obliged.

I had a couple of my sample albums on display which proved popular with visitors.

Being sociable is tiring work! In the breaks between checking everyone out, Luna made a beeline for the consult room where a nice comfy Henry Hottie dog bed resides for visitors.

If you’re a client of mine who hasn’t had their viewing and ordering session yet, or a one-on-one mentoring student who will be doing the editing component, chances are I’ll see you at a consult room at Chew Chomp and Chill in the future!

Regardless, if you’re in the area (or even if you’re not, it’s worth the trip) make sure you drop in and check out the store. You’re guaranteed to find something new and fun for your dog and Kay is always up for a chat. You can even take your pup in and get them to point out their favourite toys! The shop is open Wednesday to Thursdays 10am til 6pm and Friday to Saturday 10am til 5pm. The address is 54 Birdwood Terrace, Auchenflower.

For more information, phone Kay on 0410 468 446, email her at [email protected] or check the shop out online at:



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