Bare Bones Session ~ Diesel the Labrador Rottweiler mix in Brisbane

Another consolation prize winner from my 4000 fans promotion on Facebook in late 2013, Mikayla decided to use her $100 credit voucher towards a Bare Bones session for her special boy Diesel. Here’s what she had to say about Diesel in the questionnaire:

“Diesel was one of the last puppies left in his litter and no one wanted him because he did not have a tail. When we first saw him we loved him and knew he had to be ours.

“He has been with us everyday since and we are still very good friends with the owner of Diesel’s dad and Diesel often gets play dates with his real dad and his real brother. He is such a beautifully natured dog, so loyal, loving and cuddly but still crazy and playful all at the same time.”

Turning up at my favourite natural creek location for this early morning shoot, I was shocked to discover they’d filled the lovely little swimming hole with big boulders! I’m guess it’s to control erosion as the last time there was flooding, a bank collapsed and a big tree washed down the creek.

Anyways, luckily dogs aren’t concerned about that kind of thing and Diesel still had fun rock-hopping around and getting stuck in puddles while exploring all the sights and smells! We even hit up my secret graffiti wall and did some running shots in the creek as Diesel madly dashed through the shallow water.

We had heaps of fun and got a variety of different shots during this Bare Bones Session.