Deluxe Session ~ Kobe and Tuskyn in the Glass House Mountains

One of my favourite places to shoot is the pine forests around the Glass House Mountains, north of Brisbane. I have a few other pine forest locations around south east Queensland in my location guide, but this one is by far the most beautiful! Tuskyn and Kobe had a fantastic time exploring the forest and the adjoining grassy paddock, running up and down the dirt track and showing me how wonderfully well behaved and confident they are, a real tribute to their devoted mum and dad.

Both dogs came along when their mum and dad moved to Australia from the UK a few years ago. It was very difficult leaving them in quarantine for a month, but amazing to see their overjoyed reactions when they were reunited!

Kobe the German Shepherd was a bit of a handful until he was 3 years old, then suddenly started to chill. Since being in Australia he has continued to mellow out, preferring to play with his favourite Kong toy.

Wolf-like Tuskyn is a German Shepherd and Siberian Husky cross – I learned that the name for his particular type is a Tamaskan Dog.

Tuskyn was also a little menace when he was a pup – destroying anything and everything that he came across! Lucky he’s super loveable, perfect with other dogs and adores getting cuddles, which makes up for it. He looks up to Kobe and likes nothing better than to nip him on the bottom as Kobe is chasing after his Kong, something his mum and dad are trying to discourage him from doing as poor Kobe probably doesn’t appreciate it!

These boys were so well trained and we were able to do the whole session off-lead, which certainly isn’t essential (most sessions, the dogs are on lead and I simply edit them out) but does offer a bit more flexibility in terms of getting candid and action shots. As a result, we ended up with a range of images including heaps of action – watch out for the crazy tongues below! We were also blessed with a beautiful sunshine-filled afternoon which really makes a difference in the final look of the images.

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    6 February, 2015 at 3:53 pm Reply

    Pretty long grass sparkles!

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