Bare Bones Session ~ Ziggy the Greyhound in Brisbane

When deciding on the breed of dog to add to my family years ago, I very nearly settled on a Greyhound. I met some at a Gold Coast pet event who were doing their bit to help promote Greyhound adoption through a rescue organisation called Friends of the Hound. I fell in love with their gentleness and sensitivity – these dogs have the most amazing soft temperaments and contrary to what some might assume, make excellent pets. Though I later went on to choose a Great Dane (another big, lazy breed!) instead, I have always had a soft spot for these gorgeous creatures who are often mistreated and cast off as waste products of the racing industry.

Ziggy was very close to being another victim of the Greyhound racing industry. After a tip off from a vet nurse, he and his four brothers were rescued from a vet clinic where they were about to be euthanised for under-performing on the track. Kate and her husband Magid adopted him shortly afterwards from Friends of the Hound.

They taught Ziggy to “dog” – simple things such as walking for pleasure, negotiating stairs and a Greyhound favourite – sleeping on beds!

“Ziggy is an incredibly loving and loyal dog. He is never more than a meter or two from us at home, he will get up and follow us about the house and will always choose a place to lie down where he can watch us and be near us.”

Ziggy’s Bare Bones Session had been purchased as a gift certificate for Christmas – such a thoughtful and perfect present for this couple who are devoted to their furry best friend! We met up at New Farm Park for an hour or so of fun and exploration of the parkland and areas around the Powerhouse.

Keep in mind that all these photos were taken with Ziggy on-lead – the lead has just been edited out in post-production for a cleaner look.

This is what Kate had to say about her pet photography experience:

The photo session with Charlotte was just lovely. We do not have the best behaved boy but Charlotte managed to work so well with him with some really beautiful results! Getting the photos back was so exciting! Thrilled with the results! Would happily do again and recommend to others.

The end result was a lovely Framed Triple wall art piece. I loved it so much I actually had an extra one made as a sample (pictured) that hangs in my consult room at Chew Chomp and Chill. Kate and Magid’s version actually has a white frame, which looks equally amazing and really suits their decór.