Deluxe Session ~ Rosa, Holly, Lola & Sophie in Brisbane

Meet Holly, Lola, Rosa and Sophie. All rescues and all very much loved by their devoted mum Heidi and dad Tony.

My shoot was mainly to capture this gorgeous girl, as her health was starting to fail. Despite her issues, she had a ball at the session and proudly showed off with her favourite Kong in between begging and barking for treats.

This is what her mum has to say about her:

Princepessa de Rosa
Gobblgootzie girl
Crazy kong monster, loves to play crazy kong.
Loves passion patty cup cakes, fussy over treats, loves chewing dead cane toads or rodents on her walk. Scream from me!
Loves her baby sleep (nana nap) very exciting.
Rod Stewart song book fan, comforted her during thunderstorms.
Terrified of “rumble tootsie” that is a storm.
Walkie enthusiast, angel in the forest
Loves her dusty back rubs, especially after a bath.
Loves dirty puddles!

“Rosa came home with us and my other dogs 9 years ago after she was found hiding in a ditch. Her owners tracked her down but brought her back to us as they could no longer care for her.

“She has had severe thunder storm phobias and panic attacks that have improved with age. Great enthusiasm for her games and walks but has physically declined. She had heart worm when we got her and in the last couple of years had a tick followed by a few weeks of seizures, she is currently being treated for Cushing’s Syndrome and her energy is lower than usual due to anemia and she also has a slow heart rate.

She loves her walk more than anything and loves to be sung to, she has several favorite songs and last but not least she is our baby.”

Unfortunately, Rosa passed away just weeks after our session, so I was so glad I was able to capture some beautiful images for Heidi and Tony to treasure for all time.

New girl on the block
Loves her family.
Cheeka bully sprinter.
Enthusiastic about everything.
Bossy wrestler.
Loves to sleep on the bed cuddled up to her parents.

I just fell in love with this girl! I nicknamed her “Run Lola Run” (after the movie) because man she could sprint!

But she was also super attentive for her model debut as well.

Plus, she gave awesome cuddles!

Sophie is a lovely sweet Labrador who is also a rescue. She loved her food and whenever there were treats on offer, she was all mine!

Holly is a rough-and-tumble Staffy girl who loves a game, whether that be wrestling with her sisters or having a good tug-o-war!

Heidi had this to say about her pet photography experience –

“I have 4 dogs and had a feeling that my special and most loved baby Rosa may be on the decline. I organise the photo shoot for my husbands 50th birthday present and sadly Rosa has passed on since then.

“Charlotte is a quiet achiever, she has amazing talent and instinctively knew what I wanted. The dogs loved her and by mid morning I did too. She had an uncanny rapport with the dogs and brought out a lot of fun in them. She also captured some very special tender moments that will be forever in my heart. When I first saw the photos they blew me away, my husband had them on his computer screen at work and everyone just loved them, he says they are what kept him going after our Rosa passed away.

“I am someone who likes excellent quality products and the album, the wall art and the picture frames all exceeded my expectations. The photos make us quite emotional and that is because of how lifelike they are.

“Charlotte is incredibly talented and knows exactly how to shoot. The light in the background is so beautiful.

“This was an amazing opportunity to capture the spirit of my dogs and always see them as I did on that magical photo shoot. Rosa really lives on in those photos and I will cherish those memories of her for the rest of my life.

“I cannot put a price on the value of this gift. If there was a fire in my home and I could only take one thing it would be those wonderful photos. Many thanks.”

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  • illona

    21 February, 2015 at 9:55 am Reply

    absolutely stunning. i fell in love with Rosa just from her butt in the first photo … and then seeing her face, i was reminded of my old man Morley, now passed. gorgeous, gorgeous images, Charlotte.

  • Belinda Dorman

    21 February, 2015 at 10:31 am Reply

    What an awesome session, stunning photos of all of them!

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