Deluxe Session ~ Gus and Moo in Brisbane

Hearing the stories of rescue dogs is one of my favourite parts of being a pet photographer. Unfortunately many dogs that come through rescue organisations have sad stories attached and sometimes their pasts are unknown, but obviously not good. The fact they are now in a loving home with parents devoted enough to book a whole photo session just for them, means that’s now all the in past and it’s time to celebrate their new lives!

Gus and Moo are two such dogs who have come from less-than-desirable pasts, who now find their lots in life much improved.

The story of Gus is probably best told by his mum Kate, who says:

“Gus was found tied up outside the Noosa RSPCA so I know nothing about where he came from. He had been there for 2 weeks and on our first meeting, he sat on me so I think he chose me.”

“He has survived numerous surgeries (cruciate ligament repair, splenectomy, fish-hook removal), has a blood-clotting disorder (spent 3 weeks in intensive care), cleans dishes by standing in the dishwasher and steals food off the kitchen bench (another trip to the vet). He is rambunctious, energetic, has no concept of personal space, is curious and into everything.”

“He also loves a cuddle and a scratch along his neck and will lean in so you get the right spot, he is scared of storms and fireworks, and he will curl up and pretend he is much smaller than he really is. He likes to pull the stuffing out of teddy bears, he chews off their eyes and I find them in his poo a few days later.

“He has an absolute love of life (which I admire and respect) and he attacks each day with great enthusiasm. I know he isn’t here for a long time but he will have an absolute ball while he is here.”

Moo’s past is known, and unfortunately it’s not a happy story. In Kate’s words:

“Moo was one of 270 dogs used for breeding on a puppy farm outside of Wondai. I originally fostered her from the RSPCA and adopted her a year later. I cried a lot when I first got her – she was in such a terrible state. When she came to me, her coat was a totally different colour, she had a horrible skin condition, she had never walked on grass, never heard a radio or television, had never been in a car and had never slept on a bed. She was terrified of everything, would startle easily and had no confidence.”

“While she is still not the bravest creature, she walks beautifully on a lead, has learned to swim, loves sticking her nose out the car window, sleeps through most noises and loves, loves, loves to sleep on my bed. She is such a gentle soul who has come a very long way and I’m very proud of her.”

“She has earned the name ‘Moo’ because she can be a stubborn little cow but this is something I absolutely love because 3 years ago, she wouldn’t stand up for herself under any circumstances.”

Since Miss Moo still has a little way to go with her confidence, we started off the session at their home. Luckily, through all she’s gone through, Moo has retained the signature Labrador trait of being very receptive to food bribes, so with copious amounts of treats we were soon firm friends and we deemed her happy and relaxed enough to take a ride in the car to a local park for some more photos.

Both dogs were quite happy to mosey around with their mum at a slow pace. We did try for some running shots but a little trot was all we managed to get out of them!

This pair is so fortunate to have found Kate as their new mum – she really is devoted to them and they repay her with so much love.

Here’s what Kate had to say about her experience:

I am grateful every day for your beautiful photos and I find something new to love about them every time I look at them. They make me incredibly happy and I wanted to thank you for your excellent website, wonderful organisational skills, amazing photos, patience and gentleness with my dogs, clear and open communication and for sharing your talents.

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