Travel Session ~ Bonnie in Perth

Bonnie could quite possibly be the happiest dog I have ever photographed. She clearly loves life, her mum, the beach, and well… everything and everyone! Abandoned at eight years old and ending up at the RSPCA shelter in Alice Springs, Peta discovered her there and after a couple of visits, adopted her. Peta says, “My heart broke – how could anybody abandon such a gorgeous girl? Especially at her age?”

She just happened to be adopted on Territory Day – the one day of the year where fireworks are legal in the Northern Territory – but Bonnie’s reaction wasn’t what you’d expect! Peta says, “I found out the hard way that night that Bonnie has no fear of fireworks and in fact runs towards them with joy and tries to eat them! It was an eventful first night together!”

After a rather interesting start, they’ve never looked back. Even after Peta spent a year and a half working in Vietnam, their bond remained and when she returned and moved with Bonnie to Perth, they started back right where they left off.

Peta says, “She is now a happy coastal dog – seeing her on the beach and in the ocean for the first time are some of my most special memories of her.”

When it came time to choose a session location, of course it had to be the beach! I was so excited to shoot on the west coast with the sun setting over the water. We ended up with the most perfect day with a gorgeous sunset.

Without further ado – presenting – one of my most favourite shoots ever! Beautiful Bonnie…


In fact I love Bonnie’s session so much, I used it to create a sample for a new album type I started offering this year! At 11×11 inches, my Essential Album has 10 spreads and can hold 20-30 photos. Drop into the Chew Chomp and Chill store to see the sample on display!

Here’s what Peta had to say about her session:

I have been a big fan of Charlottes photography style for some years now, so when I found out she was coming to Perth I knew I had to book a session! The photo shoot was professional yet very relaxed and fun. Charlotte has a real way with animals and Bonnie took to her straight away. The end result were some absolutely amazing photos which I will cherish for a long time to come!

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