Model Session ~ Layla the Chocolate Labrador Retriever in Brisbane

When I received Layla’s application for my dog model database, I just knew I had to meet her. Although still a puppy at the time of applying, her mum Lisa assured me she already met all the criteria, saying:

“Layla is a 9.5 week old puppy who is learning through positive reinforcement and ‘clicker’ training. She is learning fast and responding well. I have a vision for her to become a therapy dog.”

I almost couldn’t believe it, from my experience (and much anecdotal evidence), Chocolate Labs are notoriously a little bit crazy and take a loooong time to mature. I couldn’t wait to meet this gal! Fast forward to a few months later – I was looking to test out a new assistant, the Jacaranda trees were flowering, and I still had Layla in the back of my mind. Now 8 months old, I was sure she’d be ideal as a test for my potential assistant (plus, how good does chocolate look with purple?) so we set up a model test shoot at New Farm Park.

My model database is the first place I look for mentoring (teaching) session models, commercial models and general test shoots. When testing out dogs for future opportunities, I make sure I put them through their paces to ensure they’ll be suitable for whatever situations they might encounter in future jobs.

Reliable in off-lead situations with excellent recall? Check.

Be easily directed, alert and interested in outside stimulus? Check.

Looking super cute? Check. (okay, so that’s not one of the criteria but it’s a nice bonus!)

Basic obedience – sit? Check.

How about a drop/down? Yep, check!

Calm and confident? Check.

Rock solid stay? Check!

Not be easily distracted by other dogs and people? Check.

Yep, Layla had it all going on. Just goes to show, the effort you put into training and socialisation from an early age definitely pays off.

If you’re interested in having your dog listed in my dog model database, you can check out the full details here. I look forward to hearing from you!

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