New north Brisbane location now available

Located in north west Brisbane, this spot is great for most dogs, especially very nervous or unsocial dogs as there are often no other people or dogs around on weekdays (location is not available on weekends).

A popular wedding venue with it’s beautiful heritage buildings and old-style rural feel, it’s just been opened up to dogs, and photography is only permitted on the grounds with a permit (I have a yearly pass). During the week it is very quiet – mostly deserted – so there is little chance of meeting other dogs and people – perfect for dogs who are easily distracted or need a bit of space.

There is a large range of shots possible here – there are so many background options with lots of rustic charm and a historic, country heritage feel.

Woody the supermodel helped me explore the possibilities and take some test shots yesterday. We had a great afternoon walking around checking out all the cool spots to shoot!

First up, there’s a relocated historic railway station complete with tracks.

There’s so many older-style heritage/historic buildings and sheds with interesting textures and bright coloured doors and walls.

There’s a beautiful grove of 350 year old Moreton Bay Fig trees with giant buttress roots, which make stunning backdrops!

There’s a “farm” area with wooden fences and weathered buildings, with a big grassy area out the front perfect for running and action shots.

Plus lots of little nooks and crannies with interesting textures, pretty afternoon light and interesting features.

This location is only 15 minutes away from where I live – which means it’s open for both Deluxe Sessions and also Bare Bones Sessions. If you’re interested in booking a mentoring session we can use this location too, being so quiet and with so many possibilities it makes a great learning environment.

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