Deluxe Session ~ Dynamo the Dalmatian in Brisbane

Let’s get this out of the way first – isn’t Dynamo just the perfect name for an active Dalmatian? I love it! It comes from the Greek word for “power” and is associated with activity and energy – which this guy certainly had a great deal of as you’ll discover later on.

But first, he was on his very best behaviour. He and his mum Kat had been practicing in the lead-up to the session, working on Dynamo’s obedience and particularly his “watch” command – and it really shows!


I simply couldn’t resist posing Dynamo in front of a fire hydrant. Did you know that Dalmatians were often used to protect and accompany the fire fighting service in the USA, when they were horse-drawn? It’s quite a fascinating history and you can read more about it here.


Kat brought along a few different collars for Dynamo’s photo session – quite a good idea as that way, we can change the collar to match the background or surroundings. This simple black collar worked really well with the natural wood background.


This location is fantastic as it has some rustic buildings for an urban feel – but also some natural areas with grass and trees. Perfect for filtering that warm afternoon sunshine through!


Finally it was time to play! After switching to an appropriate “active wear” collar, out came the toys! Kat preferred to keep Dynamo on a leash for these, but I was able to edit the leash out for a cleaner look and you’d never know. Safety first!


Thanks Dynamo and Kat for a fun-filled session!