Myth ~ My dog just isn’t well behaved enough for a photo session!

You’re thinking about booking a session and getting some awesome photos of the furry love of your life.

The only thing is, you’re pretty sure they’re not going to behave themselves at the photo session, unlike all the dogs you see on this website – they must be perfectly behaved, right? You have visions of your wayward dog running off, never to return. You just know they’re going to be super distracted and not look at the camera, much preferring to obsess over the dog they see – a hundred metres away. If they’re let off lead and released into the wide blue yonder, they aren’t going to stick around. You feel somewhat embarrassed they only come when they’re called… when they feel like it!

Want to know a secret?

The dogs you see on this website? About 90% of them are just like yours. The huge majority of dogs I photograph are untrained, easily distracted and don’t come when they’re called. Some of them are shy, fearful or scared of strangers. Many of them are not good around other dogs. Very rarely do I work with dogs who have rock solid stays and excellent recall (I treat it as a rare luxury when I do).

You know what?

I still manage to get the photos you see in my portfolio and throughout my website, at every session I shoot!

Really, how?

Over the eight years I’ve been specialising in photographing pets, I’ve photographed a lot of rescue dogs. Dogs who’ve received little attention, no training and limited social interaction – basically a worse case scenario. I’ve developed techniques and methods of dealing with all that stuff so you don’t have to.

Plus – I like to embrace your dog’s unique character! Some of my best shots are not posed portraits – they’re the fun shots of dogs playing, running, rolling around, hanging out with their owners – just being dogs.

Please don’t let your dog’s behaviour hold you back from booking a session.

You’re paying for a dedicated professional to get amazing photos of your pet – which means you get to sit back, relax and let me deal with all the details.

Phew, now we have that over with… let’s take a closer look at what your experience will be like

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