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For as long as I’ve been into photography (close to 15 years now) I’ve always had some type of Lowepro camera bag to haul around and protect my gear. My current day-to-day camera backpack is the Lowepro ProTactic 450AW – I love it as it’s super comfy to wear and practical for the sort of outdoors shooting I do.

Lowepro recently reached 100,000 followers on Facebook and to celebrate, chose to give $100,000 USD of product back to the photography community! The organisation they chose to support is HeARTs Speak, an organisation that promotes and supports artists who volunteer their time to pet rescue, which I’ve been a member of for the last few years.

We have chosen to give the photographers of HeARTs Speak the gift of bags to help them in their mission of providing professional photograpy to shelter pets helping them find their forever homes; and bringing attention to the plight of the shelters and animals within them. Because we believe their mission is of the upmost importance HeARTs Speak photographers will be recieving $100K of our finest expression of protective construction – the Echelon Series!

How awesome is that! Nice one, Lowepro!

I was one of the lucky recipients of a brand new Lowepro Echelon Roller case, sent to me at no charge all the way from the USA. This high end luxury camera case is valued at $800 USD, almost too good to believe! I was SO excited to receive this, as I was going to have to purchase a roller case for my European adventures at our pet photography workshops Barkelona next year, so this will be perfect.

I employed the services of my two furry friends, Araya the calico cat and Fletcher the Australian Shepherd, to help model my new Lowepro camera case. Being a hot day in Australia, they were initially less than impressed. In fact Fletcher looks like he is melting into the deck.

Though Araya soon got into the spirit of the occasion – exploring many compartments within.

“And you can put me here….”

“And you can store my food and treats in this part here…”

(I think she mistakenly thought the bag was a personal transport module for her. But, she is a cat. Everything is about her of course.)

Fletcher thought the bag was pretty cool too.

Then again, 5 month old puppies thing everything is pretty awesome.

I haven’t yet christened the bag with my gear yet – there was too much fur flying around after this little photo session – but when the time comes I will have a ball moving all the compartments around and discovering what this awesomely well-made high quality bag is capable of!

A HUGE thanks to Lowepro for supporting the photographers of HeARTs Speak. What a great company (but then again, I’ve always known that).

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