Deluxe Session ~ Benji at Montville

About a month after losing their family dog - a Mastiff / Bull Arab cross - Connie took her family to visit their local pet rescue shelter. Just for a look, of course! They ended up bringing home two 6 week old sibling foster pups.

Benji’s sweet, happy and fun-loving temperament (along with his fat little roly-poly body and cute face) meant foster failure was inevitable.

Benji completed basic dog obedience at 10 months but was deemed a little “too crazy” for anything more at that stage. To help him focus and provide a calm learning environment, Connie then started him on Canine Nose Work. When he was old enough at 18 months, she took him to flyball training for the very first time - and he has never looked back! He took to it immediately and started competing just a few months later.

Unfortunately a luxating patella pulled him up at the Flyball Nationals and he had to take a year off for rehabilitation. This gave Connie and Benji the opportunity to explore Biomechanics and Canine Conditioning. This is great for building core strength and that all important dog-owner relationship.

I couldn't wait to meet this clever, gorgeous little man!

Our session location was the super cute Sunshine Coast hinterland village of Montville. This place has it all! There's a big park in behind the main street of the village, with plenty of space to run around - luckily Benji has an awesome recall.


All up and down the main street there are lots of nooks and crannies to explore.


With lots of stone garden bed edges, benches and pretty features.


There's a wooden walkway.


And cute cottages - we loved this brightly coloured door!


In spring there are lots of colourful blooms.


My favourite building is the water wheel building! It only turns sometimes, but when you're taking a still photo, that's not an issue. I just love the "old world" feel and all that stone.