Bare Bones Session ~ Roxy the Staffy cross in Brisbane

Though most of my sessions take place in the afternoon – in that magical hour or so before sunset – I do occasionally drag myself out of bed before sunrise and shoot mornings sessions as well. And by morning, I mean – the crack ‘o dawn! Being there for the sunrise is essential in capturing that warm morning light before the sun gets too high in the sky.

One of the things I love about shooting early morning sessions in winter is the cooler weather. Dogs are little heat machines – especially when they’ve been running around exploring, or playing a game of fetch like Roxy here.

When they stop, you can literally see the steam rising from them. Add some backlight and viola! You get images like the one below. Cool, huh?

As well as having a big open field for running and fetch, this location also has a natural creek. Perfect for cooling off after said running!

It wasn’t long before we had Roxy fetching from the water as well – this girl loves to fetch!

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