Commercial model database

Was your dog born to be in the limelight?

My commercial dog model database currently has over 250 dogs listed and I’m always on the lookout for more. Dogs with that superstar factor are always a welcome addition! Keep in mind that looks aren’t everything – while it’s lovely if you get regularly “stopped in the street” by strangers admiring your dog – the most desirable traits for a dog model are actually the ability to work for others, confidence in new situations and an excellent level of obedience, including a rock solid stay!

If you think your dog has what it takes, please check out the full criteria and apply below.

Please note that I am NOT running a modelling agency. Dogs listed in the database are for my own purposes only – details will not be passed on for jobs outside of Charlotte Reeves Photography. Please read below for more information.

What could your dog be selected for?

  • Commercial jobs

    Trained dog models are essential for commercial shoots where I am the photographer. I always look in my model database for a suitable candidate first. Inclusion in the database will ensure your dog is considered for these jobs.

  • Teaching sessions

    Teaching pet photography to people is a passion of mine. I am always on the lookout for confident, well behaved dogs with a great level of obedience for my teaching sessions.

  • Test shoots

    Occasionally I need a doggy model for various other reasons. This could be for testing out a new location or technique, shooting for commercial stock, personal projects or portfolio.

What’s in it for you?

For paid commercial jobs, you’ll receive either financial compensation or the equivalent value in products for your time, or a combination of the two, depending on the client.

Each commercial job is different and you may or may not be able to view the images that were taken depending on usage rights negotiated with the client. Where possible though, you will get to see the results of the session. Maybe you’ll see your dog on a billboard somewhere!

For other types of shoots including teaching models and special projects, you will usually receive a set of watermarked, web resolution images to share with friends and family and the option to purchase prints, products and digital images.

If all goes well and I deem your dog suitable for future commercial work, their profile will be upgraded to “verified” status and a selection of images taken will be added to their portfolio.

In some cases, our experiences at the session may deem them unsuitable for future commercial work and their profile will be removed. If this is the case, please do not be offended – it’s a very special type of dog that succeeds as a model and not all dogs make the grade!

Eligibility Criteria

Dogs of all breeds, sizes and colours are welcome to apply. Good looks are not a guaranteed ticket to acceptance – your dog must also meet all of the training and temperament criteria.

Your application will not be accepted if you and your dog do not meet ALL of the eligibility criteria below.

Owner eligibility criteria

You must be:

Located in south-east Queensland (Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast) Australia

Willing to sign a commercial model/property release for your dog, and optionally for yourself if you wish to be included in the photos.

Willing and able to handle and direct your dog for the duration of the shoot if required

Available on weekdays (desirable but not essential)

Available in the early morning (sunset + 2 hours) or late afternoon (2 hours before sunset) for sessions

Dog eligibility criteria – training

Your dog must:

Be over 6 months old - puppies under 6 months will not be accepted

Be obedience trained - bare minimum of sit, down/drop - more advanced tricks and behaviours are highly regarded

Have a rock solid STAY in Down, Sit and Stand positions with Distractions, Distance and Duration

Be reliable in off-lead situations with excellent and immediate recall

Have excellent leash manners – no pulling or lunging

Be confident and willing to work for other handlers when required

Dog eligibility criteria – personality and temperament

Your dog’s temperament is incredibly important to their suitability as a dog model. If your dog is timid or shy in unfamiliar environments or around unfamiliar people, they generally will not be suited to modelling.

Your dog must:

Be calm and very confident in unfamiliar, noisy and busy environments

Be easily directed and focused in unfamiliar surroundings

Be fit, healthy and not overweight or underweight

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