Frequently asked questions

How far in advance do I need to book?

I’m generally booked out a month or so in advance. As soon as you’ve decided to go ahead with your booking, please check the availability calendar, choose a date and request to book. I am totally fine with booking you in up to six months in advance, giving you lots of time to save up and budget for your pet photography experience.

My dog is not very well behaved, does it matter?

I’ve worked with all kinds of dogs of all levels of obedience, or in some cases dis-obedience! 😆 I always manage to get a range of awesome shots using tried and tested techniques and bucketloads of patience. Please don’t let your dog’s behaviour hold you back from booking a session!

I see all the dogs you photograph are on lead, but mine can’t be let off the leash!

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The majority of the dogs I photograph are actually on-lead! I’ve developed many techniques to achieve great images while working with on-lead dogs. Luckily we live in the digital age where in most cases the lead can be quickly removed in the post production stage, leaving you with a neat leash-free look – people will never even realise it was there! Clever, huh?

Do you photograph pets other than dogs?

I sure do. The majority of my clients are dogs, but I also photograph other four legged friends – you’ll spot a few cats and horses in my portfolio too.

I have more than two pets, can I have them all photographed?

A standard session can accommodate up to four pets, so there’ll be a surcharge of $100 per pet – this allows for the extra shooting and editing time. You’ll view approximately 20 extra images per extra pet. If you have five or more pets you’d like to have photographed, please contact me and I’ll provide a customised quote.

Can my friend bring their pet too?

Sessions are designed to accommodate the pets from a single household only, however if you and your friend’s pets are inseparable and you’d like to combine your bookings, please ask and I can provide a custom quote.

Can I be in the photos?

Definitely! I love capturing the special bond between pet and owner.

Can you take photos of our kids/family during the session?

Since I am predominantly a pet photographer, the focus of my work will always be on your pets. If you are looking for someone to take child or family portraits where the focus is on the people, let me know and I can recommend an excellent portrait photographer in your area (often they’ll be able to include your pets in a few of the images as well).

How do I choose a location?

I’ll work with you to determine the best possible location suited to your pet.

Beautiful locations enhance the final look of your images, so I always recommend considering picturesque spots such as your local park, beach, foreshore or trendy urban area. When you book, I’ll send you my Location Guide to help you choose.

A home environment can sometimes be the best option for young or elderly dogs, or those lacking in confidence, just as long as there is some open outside space and abundant light. Open shade under trees, awnings or decks can provide some lovely soft and filtered light, while uncluttered rooms with big windows or skylights may be suitable for indoor settings.

Cats and other small pets usually need to be photographed in the home where things are comfortable and familiar, however because I shoot with natural light, abundant light from large windows or skylights is required.

Horses can be photographed anywhere you are comfortable taking them, the more pictureesque the better. New places often make them more alert and reactive to their surroundings which makes for some fantastic photo opportunities.

How far will you travel for sessions?

I’m based on the north side of Brisbane and service the Brisbane area at no extra charge. If you’re located on the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast there is a $100 surcharge. If you are located more than an hour away from the Brisbane area, please contact me and ask for a travel quote before you book.

What if the weather is bad on the day?

The quality and style of my images relies on great natural sunlight. If the weather isn’t agreeable (not enough sunlight due to rain, heavy cloud, threat of storms or general unstable weather) we will probably need to reschedule the session to another day. We also might need to reschedule if it is very windy or excessively hot, to preserve the comfort of both us and our four legged friends!

In some cases and at certain times of year (particularly around summer), we may need to reschedule multiple times, so please be patient with this process. The better the weather is on the day, with lots of natural sunshine, calm conditions and limited cloud cover, the better your images will turn out.

Do you offer gift certificates?

I actually don’t offer gift certificates. If you’d like to gift a photography session to a friend or loved one, please request a full Product and Information Guide and discuss the idea with them first.

My pet photography sessions are highly customised experiences, so I prefer the pet owner to be fully informed about the experience and investment before booking their session, in case their experience exceeds the budget of the gift giver.

Do you offer payment plans?

I understand that for various reasons, many people need to stick to a weekly budget. For this reason, I offer interest-free payment plans on all print and product orders. You can choose to pay an agreed amount per week, fortnight or month and you’ll be sent convenient email reminders when your payments are due.

I live elsewhere in Australia and I really want you to photograph my pet, will you travel to me?

If you’re not located within a few hours driving distance from Brisbane, please get in touch to discuss, as I do travel Australia-wide when I have enough bookings in one city or area.

How do I book?

That’s the easy bit!

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What they’re saying


“I found the overall experience to be fantastic. Charlotte really took the time to get to know my dogs and understand the unique personalities which showed through in the range and quality of the photos she took. I absolutely love my big canvas prints and got some excellent presents to give to other people as well.”



“The whole experience was stress free and highly enjoyable. Charlotte knew how to get the best out of Bentley and the photos turned out great! His canvas now takes pride of place in our foyer!”



“Jake had a fabulous time on his shoot with Charlotte. Being an old boy, we had not seen him run around like a young pup for quite some time, he had so much fun and so did we watching him. We are so happy with the resulting shots, and can’t thank Charlotte enough. Don’t delay, you won’t regret it!”



“I picked up the album this morning, it is absolutely awesome, everyone in the office loves it  –  most of all me, the photos are beautiful and I think the black frame sets the colours off beautifully, am absolutely delighted – it is such a quality product.

“You have captured her essence and then put it all together in such a way that is presented with such finesse, that I will be showing this off to my family and friends forever. This photo album is something that will be treasured in our family for all time.”



“The thing we loved most about your photos was they are so natural and free. The dogs are running and playing and doing as they wish, not being forced to sit and stay all the time in a boring setting.”

Christabelle & Andrew