Samford RSPCA Million Paws Walk 2015

I was lucky enough to be invited along to have a stall at the RSPCA Million Paws Walk in Samford again this year, after attending for the first time in 2014. I live about 12 minutes away fromView full post »


New north Brisbane location now available

Located in north west Brisbane, this spot is great for most dogs, especially very nervous or unsocial dogs as there are often no other people or dogs around on weekdays (location is not available onView full post »


New Product ~ Momento Book

I’ve been itching to share my new Momento Books for a couple of months now but only managed to get around to photographing my sample today. I’ve actually had a couple of clients orderView full post »


Deluxe Session ~ Marley the Border Collie in Brisbane

This lucky boy gets to spend almost all day with his beloved mum, and their resulting bond is really obvious from the moment you meet them! Marley is a one year old Border Collie who lives on the GoldView full post »


Last Minute ~ Christmas Gift Certificates

Looking for a last minute gift idea? – Sorry, sold out! Christmas is just over a week away – yikes! If you’re struggling to decide what to get for your pet-loving loved one (or youView full post »


Bare Bones Session ~ Kira the Siberian Husky Puppy

If you follow my work, you may remember the rather epic shoot I had with a pack of four stunning Siberian Huskies – Amber, Alaska, Dakoda and Kiah. Just a few weeks after our shoot in the pineView full post »


Deluxe Session ~ Kilo the Dachshund & Jett the Cane Corso

When a love for big dogs and a love of running combined, the obvious breed of choice for Karla was a Cane Corso. Closely related to the Neapolitan Mastiff, the Cane Corso is well muscled andView full post »


Deluxe Session ~ Heidi & Millie the Miniature Schnauzers on the Gold Coast

I spent a lovely afternoon at the beach with Marjorie and Malcolm and their two Miniature Schnauzers, Heidi and Millie. We nearly postponed the session due to the cloud hanging around but in the endView full post »


Mentoring Session ~ Asti the Griffon Bruxellois in Brisbane

When Fiona booked her mentoring session and indicated she might like to work with a small dog, I immediately thought of Asti. Her mum Louise had submitted her to my dog model database a month or soView full post »


Deluxe Session ~ Kiah, Dakoda, Alaska & Amber the Siberian Huskies

These four beautiful Siberian Huskies aren’t just incredibly good looking, they also do dry land gig racing with  Northern Exposure Gig Racing Club Inc. Soon after our session, they all headedView full post »


Celebrate 5,000 Facebook likers with me!

Win a Deluxe Pet Photography Package! As thanks for your ongoing support and to celebrate reaching 5,000 likers, I’ve decided to run a giveaway. Not just any giveaway, but my best giveaway yetView full post »


Deluxe Session ~ Rosa, Holly, Lola & Sophie in Brisbane

Meet Holly, Lola, Rosa and Sophie. All rescues and all very much loved by their devoted mum Heidi and dad Tony. My shoot was mainly to capture this gorgeous girl, as her health was starting to fail.View full post »


Bare Bones Session ~ Ziggy the Greyhound in Brisbane

When deciding on the breed of dog to add to my family years ago, I very nearly settled on a Greyhound. I met some at a Gold Coast pet event who were doing their bit to help promote GreyhoundView full post »


Bare Bones Session ~ Humphrey the Beagle in Brisbane

At the grand opening of Auchenflower pet supply store Chew Chomp and Chill, we held a lucky door prize draw and Trish was the winner of the Bare Bones Session I offered up as a prize. Choosing justView full post »


Deluxe Session ~ Albert, Grace & Ruby the Poodles in Brisbane

You’d never guess that Grace, Albert and Ruby are all well into their senior years – they have so much poise and not a smidgen of their age shows! Though Grace and Albert have beenView full post »


Samford Million Paws Walk 2014

Last year I attended the brand new Logan Million Paws Walk (see the photos here) which was heaps of fun, but when this year’s walk rolled around I had the opportunity to have a stall at my localView full post »


Mentoring Session ~ Skadi the Koolie

I was watching one of my favourite shows the other night – Vikings – when I heard a familiar name pop up – Skadi! The Norse goddess of winter and mountains, Skadi is also the same ofView full post »


Mentoring Session ~ Pepper the Dalmatian at New Farm Park

After being in business for nearly 6 years, I just couldn’t believe I’d never had a session with a Dalmatian, so when it came time to choose a model for my mentoring session with Mel fromView full post »


Deluxe Session ~ Bella the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffies would have to be one of the most popular breeds in Australia, so as you’d expect I’ve photographed quite a few of them. Bella would have to be one of the most active though. ThisView full post »


Fetching Photos e-book and Learning Options News

As this is an extensive blog post (I’ll admit, it got away on me a little) I’ve interspersed the text with some photos from recent client sessions to help break it up a little. These wereView full post »


Deluxe Session ~ Kobe and Tuskyn in the Glass House Mountains

One of my favourite places to shoot is the pine forests around the Glass House Mountains, north of Brisbane. I have a few other pine forest locations around south east Queensland in my location guideView full post »


Bare Bones Session ~ Mooky the Staffordshire Bull Terrier on the Gold Coast

This one has been a long time in the planning with lots of re-scheduling due to weather, but we finally got it together and Mooky had his Bare Bones session at the Spit on the Gold Coast. As oftenView full post »


Bare Bones Session ~ Diesel the Labrador Rottweiler mix in Brisbane

Another consolation prize winner from my 4000 fans promotion on Facebook in late 2013, Mikayla decided to use her $100 credit voucher towards a Bare Bones session for her special boy Diesel. Here&#View full post »


Mentoring Session ~ Buddah the British Bulldog in Brisbane City

The second of my shooting mentoring sessions with Nicola (our first model being Zephyr the tri coloured, blue eyed Border Collie) was a very different style of shoot. Our model was a BritishView full post »

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