New Product ~ Momento Book

I’ve been itching to share my new Momento Books for a couple of months now but only managed to get around to photographing my sample today. I’ve actually had a couple of clients orderView full post »


Client Session ~ Marley the Border Collie in Brisbane

This lucky boy gets to spend almost all day with his beloved mum, and their resulting bond is really obvious from the moment you meet them! Marley is a one year old Border Collie who lives on the GoldView full post »


Last Minute ~ Christmas Gift Certificates

Looking for a last minute gift idea? – Sorry, sold out! Christmas is just over a week away – yikes! If you’re struggling to decide what to get for your pet-loving loved one (or youView full post »


Celebrate 5,000 Facebook likers with me!

Win a Deluxe Pet Photography Package! As thanks for your ongoing support and to celebrate reaching 5,000 likers, I’ve decided to run a giveaway. Not just any giveaway, but my best giveaway yetView full post »


Model Session ~ Rodney the Miniature Dachshund

You know you’re onto a winner when you can shoot at a busy location like Kangaroo Point with full focus from your doggy subject! I met up with Rodney and his mum in May last year after sheView full post »


Client Session ~ Clive the Staffy Maltese Mix

The second of my sessions booked for beautiful Mackay, I was really looking forward to meeting the fabled Clive! He’s owned by one of my good friend’s partner’s sister (follow thatView full post »


Samford Million Paws Walk 2014

Last year I attended the brand new Logan Million Paws Walk (see the photos here) which was heaps of fun, but when this year’s walk rolled around I had the opportunity to have a stall at my localView full post »


Client Session ~ Sam and Jessie in Mackay

Clear blue skies and warm weather greeted me as I flew into Mackay. I soon learned that clear skies can change pretty quickly in this place, but we were lucky enough to have them stick around for ourView full post »


Fetching Photos e-book and Learning Options News

As this is an extensive blog post (I’ll admit, it got away on me a little) I’ve interspersed the text with some photos from recent client sessions to help break it up a little. These wereView full post »


Dog Photography in Times Square, New York City

During my visit to the States in June 2013 I had the great pleasure of hanging out with a bunch of really talented professional pet photographers – you can read more about our adventures hereView full post »


Pet Photographer’s Meetup in the Poconos – Part II

In June 2013, I had the amazing opportunity to meet up with a group of fellow pet photographers while on a working holiday in the States. Part 1 of the experience can be found here. The next day, weView full post »


Pet Photographer’s Meetup in the Poconos, Pennsylvania

As I walked into the bar in the hotel, second to last to arrive, I must admit I was a little nervous. After months of planning and years of online friendship, it was finally time to meet in person myView full post »


Pet Photography Mentoring in Half Moon Bay, California

For a moment, it felt like I’d been transported back home to the eucalyptus forests of south-east Queensland. The tangy scent of gum tree leaves as they crunched gently under my feet, theView full post »


Chew Chomp and Chill – Grand Opening

Before Christmas I was chatting with Kay, the owner of one of my model dogs, after a mentoring session when she mentioned she’d soon be starting up a boutique pet store in Auchenflower. My earsView full post »


Pet Photography Mentoring Sessions in San Francisco

During my five day stay in San Francisco I had plenty of time to explore by myself, as my partner had taken off to Colorado earlier to get some much-anticipated dirt bike riding in. Once I’dView full post »


USA Client Session ~ Jack the Labrador Retriever

Recently reminiscing and looking back through my emails, I discovered Susan’s first message to me, dated May 2008. She had emailed me to let me know she was a big fan of my Great Danes –View full post »


Editing ~ The beauty of RAW files

As a kid, I loved creating masterpiece paintings that ended up proudly stuck to the fridge. My personal mission was always the creation of beautiful new colours. Carefully squeezing out worms ofView full post »


Model Session ~ Billie the Border Collie mix in Brisbane

The first place I look for mentoring session models is in my commercial dog model database. I’d been wanting to use this special gal for a while! In her application form, her mum Kay had saidView full post »


Model Session ~ Kierrah the Boxer cross American Bulldog in Brisbane

I choose my models for mentoring sessions very carefully, as I want my students to have the best possible experience. Most of the time, I prefer to use dogs who have a good level of obedience so weView full post »


Client Session ~ Mister Jay Brown the Staffy Mix at Bribie Island

The brown dog snoozes on the couch. He lives a life of luxury now he’s retired, a far cry from the adventure and excitement of his past as he travelled Australia with his best mate. TodayView full post »


USA Client Session ~ Penny and Charlie in San Francisco, CA

“Stay right, stay right, stay RIGHT!” I repeated out loud, attempting to drum the instructions into my poor jetlagged brain as I navigated the steep but thankfully mostly empty streets ofView full post »


Client Session ~ Juno the Border Collie in Brisbane

The littlest Border Collie puppy huddled in the corner, making herself as small as possible to avoid notice by her litter mates. Why oh why did they pick on her so much? Suddenly, she was plucked fromView full post »


Editing Video Demo ~ Complex leash removal in Adobe Photoshop CS6

The long black lead snaked down from Turbo’s collar, across Andy’s blue jeans and puddled in front of his shoes. This was going to be a complex one! So complex, in fact, I decided not toView full post »


Model Session ~ Phoenix the Staffy Mix in Brisbane

I was still rubbing sleep from my eyes when I turned up at New Farm Park at 5am to be greeted by this eternally happy face! Butt wiggling, Phoenix immediate stuck her face in my bag of goodies andView full post »

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