Hi, I’m Charlotte…

Professional pet photographer, enthusiastic educator, passionate pet rescue volunteer photographer and author of Tails of Brisbane.

For me, dogs bring sweet sanity to this crazy human world we live in and I’ve never met a dog who hasn’t taught me something new.

That I get to witness such incredible bonds between dogs and their humans, create beautiful portraits and call it “work”, is a true gift and I still pinch myself every single day.

Whether it's mud-coated feet, sandy wet noses, that perfect ears-up expression or a sweet stolen lick on the cheek, I’m there to preserve those memories and tell your best friend’s story.


 What my clients love most about working with me:

  I genuinely care

About you and your pet. I want to hear all about how you first met. The funny stories, their achievements and their mischievous side. The adventures you’ve been on together as well as what they’d rather *not* do. Anything you want to tell me to give me an even deeper insight into what makes them tick!

  I'm qualified and experienced

Did you know – I was one of the first specialised on-location pet photographers in Australia? I started photographing dogs professionally in 2007 but prior to that, I was busy earning my Diplomas in Photography, Multimedia and Graphic Design. I guess that makes me a triple threat! I love throwing on my design hat for photography projects and I can offer expert advice about displaying your beautiful products at their very best.

  I'm a bit of a dog whisperer

And I know *every* dog lover says that but all my life I’ve had an uncanny connection with all animals, especially of the canine kind. Through owning and training dogs and working with them on the daily, I’ve gained a rich understanding of doggy behaviour. I can read their body language and connect with them on a level and in a way they seem to understand.

  I'm ridiculously patient

Being stuck in long queues drives me nuts but I’m a completely different person when animals are involved! A key quality for working with animals, dogs in particular, is patience – and I have this in buckets. Working with animals is never straightforward and even the best-laid plans can go completely out the window. This is why I find it’s usually better not to plan at all!

  I'm a stickler for details

Which makes me the world’s worst backseat driver and the best image post-processing editor ever. Before you see your images, I’ve already spent countless hours in my digital darkroom meticulously removing leads, digitally wiping slobber, cleaning up blemishes, correcting colour – whatever’s needed to take your images from beautiful to jaw-dropping works of art.

  I give as much as I get

I believe it’s cool to be kind, which is why I’ve always made time in my busy schedule to volunteer for animal welfare organisations. I’m a Service Professional Member of HeARTspeak, an international agency uniting photographers with animal shelters to increase visibility. I regularly donate my time and skills to photograph adoptable dogs and cats, and also run fundraising photo booths at events. You can read more about my volunteering below.


And if you want to know even more about me…

Here are five fast facts that’ll make us fast friends:

Most weekends you’ll catch me camping, bushwalking or 4-wheel-driving (sometimes all three!) with my husband and our smart and cheeky Australian Shepherds, Opal and Fletcher.

When I’m not adventuring in the great outdoors you’re likely to find me curled up on the deck with a historical fiction book, savouring a home brewed craft beer and soaking in the peaceful tranquility of our bushland home.

I’m a full-blown history nerd, an archaeology enthusiast and the holder of a well-stamped passport. I’m happiest when exploring and travelling to new places around the world.

My perfect day involves driving around the crisp and remote Scottish countryside exploring ruined castles, followed by a hearty dinner fireside at a cozy traditional pub.

I’ve also, at one time or another in my life, had cats, guinea pigs, chickens, sheep, geese, ducks, horses and even a green tree frog with an underbite called Zena!


Okay, here’s one more fact…

Remember my cheeky, clever and super cute pups, Fletcher and Opal from fact #1? They’ve been causing quite a commotion over on Instagram collecting fans like nobody’s business – they’ve got more followers than me, seriously!


Kaya and Luna – my greatest inspiration…

In every animal lover’s life, there will always those very special pets who take a piece of your heart with them when they go.

Kaya was my first dog (and my first Great Dane) and my original photography muse.

Right from the start, Kaya was HUGE! We called her “monster puppy” because of her long legs and massive paws. I knew that puppy stage was going to pass VERY quickly, so I started documenting her rapid growth through my photography, sharing the stories and photos from our many adventures together online through a blog. It quickly developed into an obsession (I never do things by halves) and featured all the fun she had with her furry friends and later, her little sister, Luna.

You can read more of Kaya’s Story here (warning: tissues may be required).

I was blessed with Luna’s unconditional love and easy companionship until September 2015, when she departed suddenly and unexpectedly for the big dog park in the sky. Despite the years that have passed, her loss is still fresh and I miss her every single day.

Inspired by Kaya and Luna, it’s my mission to give as many pet owners as I can what I was so fortunate to have - beautiful images that make you smile, remind you of the fun times and help you hold onto happy memories long after their paw prints fade from this earth.