Client Session ~ Gus and Inca the Poodle x Golden Retrievers on the Gold Coast

Gus and Inca’s parents had organised a gift certificate quite a while ago, but with both of them working hard and trying to get their pair of rather furry pups looking good for the camera, it’s taken a while to get their session sorted. I’m happy to wait for when clients are ready though and of course the doggies must look their best! Our session was on a rather cloudy afternoon in the Gold Coast hinterland, what a beautiful location.

They also warned me that Inca especially was lacking a bit of training, so I was surprised to turn up to two rather well behaved and very cuddly pups! Gus (on the right) is the older of the two at 4 years old (Inca is 3) and the biggest as well. He was almost as tall as Luna, and reminded me of her so much when he greeted me at the front door proudly prancing around with a giant stuffed toy. Definitely a Luna moment, I wished I had my camera out at that stage.

These pair are lucky enough to have a massive backyard that runs down a slope into the valley, offering them wonderful spy-vision over the neighbourhood goings-on. Gus especially was forever racing off down the hill to check up on this or the other and patrol his territory!

Inca is more of a follower but still likes to admire the view over the valley. I just loved her curly Poodle tail!

The pair were kind enough to sit beautifully right next to each other for a photo, I didn’t even have to ask! What a pair of naturals!

With melting eyes like these, it seems like modelling would be a good career choice for them.

After they’d let off a bit of steam running around outside patrolling the yard, we moved inside. Coloured furniture can provide interesting backdrops, this grey outdoor wicker chair sets off Inca’s colouring perfectly.

Inside were some red leather couches that I knew would make fantastic props. Gus was quite happy to lay still and model for me.

Inca however needed a bit more coaching on the ‘stay’ aspect, we got there in the end though!

As a reward for co-operating with me inside, we headed back outside for some playtime fun. Gus loves his big red Wahu ball.

As well as rolling around on the grass being attacked by Inca!

The end. 🙂

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  • Claire

    9 June, 2010 at 8:55 am Reply

    ah! goldendoodles! i love them 🙂

  • Yolanda

    15 June, 2010 at 8:44 am Reply

    I want to cuddle them! They would be so good during winter haha. Another gorgeous shoot!

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