Client Session ~ Bowie and Butters in Brisbane

Bowie and Butters – have you heard of a cuter sounding pair? They are just as adorable in real life! Bowie is a black Labrador Retriever who is just about to turn 5 years old and his partner in crime is Butters, a two year old Cavoodle. They are both jet black – which always makes a photographer’s job a little challenging but definitely still lots of fun!

We organised their session for October last year, but early summer can be a little unpredictable weather-wise, and by the time we got a nice clear day to shoot it was December! I actually turned up one afternoon for the session but by the time I’d met the dogs and taken a couple of shots, a big storm rolled in from the south and we had to call it off. I managed to get one decent shot of Bowie on the back deck – looking very interested in me and my treats!

When I came back in December to have another go, we opted for an early morning session. The light coming in behind their back deck was gorgeous!

Bowie managed to take his eyes off me (or rather, my treats) for a second long enough for me to capture this pensive look of his and he watched his little mate Butters in the back yard. His neck chain almost looks like a necklace here, so nice on his black fur.

It wasn’t long before the attention was back on me again!

Butters was less treat motivated and needed to have her mum nearby for moral support.

This is my favourite shot of her on the back deck with the sunlight in behind her.

The front deck was also night and bright and sunny, and Butters was happy to sit and pose nicely on the step for me.

Next, it was off to the park down the road!

I couldn’t resist including this shot of Butters on the back deck after we got back. The expression!

I also got to photograph another pair of dogs in this family – the white equivalent! A Golden Retriever called Pippi and a Maltese X Shih tzu called Hooch. Keep and eye out for their blog post in a few weeks time!

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  • Itty Bitty & Fluffy

    21 March, 2013 at 9:27 pm Reply

    What a super cute session with some super cute dogs! I just love the way you have captured their inquisitive looking expressions, especially the one atop the stairs with the Bowie and Butters together. – Lovely!

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