Client Session ~ Maddie the Border Collie x Kelpie

When Grant contacted about doing a super secret surprise session for his wife for her birthday, I was so excited! I love suprises and what better one to receive than beautiful photos of your beloved hound.

Grant’s job takes him away from home quite a bit, so miss Maddie is Ange’s constant faithful companion while he is away. Another reason I was looking forward to this session was the location – these guys are lucky enough to live in beautiful northern NSW, just inland from Tweed Heads and surrounded by green rolling hills, country roads and lakes.

We started off the session on the deck of their house. The light filtering through the surrounding foliage was gorgeous.


Although more than happy to play fetch all day long, Miss Maddie was less than eager for her close ups. We worked out that the focus beep of my camera sounded rather similar to the warning sound her collar made when nearing the boundary fence of their property (as Maddie does love to roam). Also, big professional cameras can be pretty intimidating even without the beeping!


We did end up getting a few cute shots on the deck anyway, the afternoon colours of the filtered sunshine were amazing against her black and white.


To Maddie’s relief, we soon bundled into the car and headed off to a country road nearby where she often enjoys meandering walks with lots of her favourite thing – fetching sticks!


This girl LOVES her sticks and is never far from one!


Maddie was much happier out on the road in familiar territory, and of course sticks make everything in life that much better!


I love this shot of Maddie racing towards her stick, with such an intense look on her face!


With the help of her beloved sticks, we even managed to get some lovely close ups of her out and about enjoying her walk, totally in her element.


Since the session was organised on the sly without Ang knowing, we were able to complete the experience with a surprise viewing and ordering session at their home – we set everything up and when Ang came home from work there was a lovely slideshow of all Maddie’s images on the TV in their lounge room! I love seeing people’s reactions as they view their images for the first time!