Client On-location Session ~ Tash the Golden Retriever in Brisbane

Golden Retrievers are one of my absolute favourite breeds to photograph – they always have the best natures too! Liam organised this session for his mum of their family dog, Tash. Tash is 16 years young, and is starting to slow down a bit due to some arthritis, but is still quite obviously loving life.

We started off at home where Tash was happy to bask in the afternoon sunshine, spending time with the two people she loves the most.


Tash loves her visits to the local park and as soon as we arrived, she immediately rushed off as fast as her legs would carry her to investigate all those wonderful smells!


Her coat almost seem to glow in the late afternoon sunshine.


Tash took a break from all her sniffing and smelling to pose for a couple of shots with her mum.


And I just couldn’t resist a shot of Tash, backlit by the sun to pick up all the detail in that her gorgeous coat. I hope my hair still looks this good when I am 112!


With older dogs, I always make sure that we are managing their energy levels which means not too much excitement all at once! As the sun was making it’s way toward the horizon, we found some trees and settled Tash down underneath the branches for some classic portraits.


Tash has a beautiful alert expression that I really wanted to capture, especially when she’s keeping an eye on her beloved mum. For these shots we used the long line to keep her in the one place, while her mum Fiona jumped around madly behind me! She might have felt a bit silly at the time, but it was 100% worth it as I got that lovely alert look from Tash that I was chasing.


Just before we lost the light, there was time for a few more shots with big bro Liam.


The light has been so gorgeous in my recent shoots that I always seem to prefer the colour versions, but there are always some shots where black and white seems to capture something special. I think this is one of them.


Thanks for a great afternoon guys and I am glad you loved your images!