On-Location Client Session ~ Bentley the Labrador in Toowoomba

Toowoomba is like a second home to me. I spent all my high school years there then later attended Toowoomba TAFE where I studied photography and design. I visit often as I still have family and friends there to keep in touch with and generally always see someone I know from my past if I ever venture down town!

I’d planned one shoot already on this particular visit, when Nicole and Damon contacted me for a session with their Labrador cross, Bentley. Two in one weekend? Why not! It was the weekend before the annual Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers so I knew the city would be looking it’s best.

We decided on Queens Park for the location, incidentally where Nicole and Damon had had their wedding photos taken earlier in the year. Queens Park is a huge, party treed, partly open centrally located park, and it just happens to have the beautiful Queens Gardens attached with the gorgeously colourful flower beds.

We started off the session in the Gardens as there was lots of cute little spots hidden around the place. This grassy knoll was just beautiful.


Although he doesn’t really look (or act) his age, Bentley is actually 9 years old. Don’t you think he still has a puppy-ish look about him?


We took a short walk to the open expanses of the adjoining park next, and Bentley loved the opportunity to cruise around and check out all the sights and smells.


The park area is blessed with big old trees and lots of shady spaces, perfect for playing on a sunny day.


The best bit? It’s actually an official off-lead dog exercise area! Bentley just loves his ball and fetch is his favourite game.


Damon adopted Bentley when he was 18 months old from the Toowoomba RSPCA. It’s easy to see the deep bond these two have.


During the session, Bentley was wonderful to work with, easily focused by his ball and his manners were impeccable. He is known for being a bit of a busy-body however and insisted on saying hello to any and all passing dogs and their owners. Such a social boy!


Nicole joined the family about 5 years ago and fell in love with Bentley straight away. They make a great family unit!


Bentley knows he is number one and his devoted parents are happy to lavish all their attention on him.


As the sun was dipping towards the horizon we moved back to the gardens and took advantage of some of the lovely flowering plants that abound at this time of year. I love Bentley’s happy grin!


This was such a fun session! It was great to be back shooting in Toowoomba again and Bentley was such a pleasure to work with! Thanks for a great afternoon Nicole, Damon and Bentley.