Bare Bones Session ~ Monte the Golden Retriever in Brisbane

Golden Retrievers would have to be one of my favourite dog breeds. Every single one I meet is an absolute sweetheart, and one year old Monte here was no exception! We met up on a cool, dewy morning at sunrise for his Bare Bones session, that his mum Kassie won in the Million Paws walk raffle. I love the way his breath mists in the golden morning light here - and what a good boy he was sitting nicely for me!


Being such a cool morning, we didn't get any tongue-out smiley photos, so I decided to photograph Monte in front of this red bus to inject some colour and excitement! Monte obviously didn't agree about the excitement factor, giving me blue steel all the way. πŸ˜†


Monte went to his new home at 5 months old and was initially quite timid, obviously not having had much socialisation with people. That soon changed as he was welcomed into the family with open arms and lots of love, and he soon blossomed into the playful, happy and rather cheeky boy he is today. He loves going on outings and will often try to sneak into the car whenever his mum leaves.