Bare Bones Session ~ Ben the German Shepherd in Brisbane

Years ago I received a golden nugget of advice – when drawing something at random – you should always choose the one that “sticks to your fingers”. The original advice was actually in relation to rune stones, but whenever I need to draw a winner out of a bunch of entries, I always have this in the back of my mind.

Drawing the winner of my free Bare Bones photo session from all the entries submitted at my stand at the Million Paws Walk was no exception. I put my hand in the hat full of folded A5 entries, swished it around for a bit and then pulled out the one entry that seemed to stick. Unfolding it eagerly, I saw the dog’s name… it was Ben. 

Ben? I can’t say I have ever come across a dog called Ben before!

I soon found out Ben was a German Shepherd but when I met him on the day of the session, I was blown away with how handsome this guy is. That jet black face, those amber eyes! I just knew we were going to have lots of fun capturing some stunning images together.


We had to reschedule the session three times before we managed to get a sunny day and I am so glad we waited, because the late afternoon light was perfect for backlighting those feathery ears and mane.


I love how the fiery background matches the light and colour of Ben’s beautiful eyes.


Turns out Ben is an enthusiastic water baby, so after we captured some perfectly-groomed portraits, we headed to the creek for some playtime.


Time to let loose and get messy and wet!


Such an unassuming name – but such a handsome hound! Who would have guessed?

Here’s what Ben’s mum Rachael had to say about her experience:

Ben, my GSD and myself had a great afternoon session with Charlotte at her Mitchelton location. We got some amazing shots in the park and in the creek nearby! I do not think we could get any more amazing shots if we tried. I feel like Charlotte explains exactly what to expect and what is needed for the photo shoot down to last detail, and I loved that! Straight away she makes you feel and your pet feel comfortable and the pictures turn out just so amazing! I am so so happy with my shots of Ben I wish I could have them all. I would recommend Charlotte Reeves to every pet owner I know! Thanks again Charlotte