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Deluxe Session ~ Bella the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffies would have to be one of the most popular breeds in Australia, so as you’d expect I’ve photographed quite a few of them. Bella would have to be one of the most active though. This girl was ALL about her ball – or whatever toy you have on hand to throw for her, including her colour-coordinated purple Kong!

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Deluxe Session ~ Mister Jay Brown the Staffy Mix at Bribie Island

The brown dog snoozes on the couch. He lives a life of luxury now he’s retired, a far cry from the adventure and excitement of his past as he travelled Australia with his best mate. Today though, fresh adventures await.

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Client Session ~ Ollie and Mia at Bribie Island

Stacey was lucky enough to receive a gift certificate from her partner Brad for her birthday. He must be very in tune with exactly what she values in her life, as Stacey really loves her two dogs Mia and Ollie and it was the perfect gift for her!

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