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Bare Bones Session ~ Ziggy the Greyhound in Brisbane

When deciding on the breed of dog to add to my family years ago, I very nearly settled on a Greyhound. I met some at a Gold Coast pet event who were doing their bit to help promote Greyhound adoption through a rescue organisation called Friends of the Hound. I fell in love with their gentleness and sensitivity – these dogs have the most amazing soft temperaments and contrary to what some might assume, make excellent pets.

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Deluxe Session ~ Albert, Grace & Ruby the Poodles in Brisbane

You’d never guess that Grace, Albert and Ruby are all well into their senior years – they have so much poise and not a smidgen of their age shows! Though Grace and Albert have been blessed with a life of luxury, Ruby was rescued from a puppy farm just a few years ago. I had a fantastic afternoon in the company of these lovely dogs (and their even lovelier mummy Kimbra).

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Client Session ~ Ollie and Mia at Bribie Island

Stacey was lucky enough to receive a gift certificate from her partner Brad for her birthday. He must be very in tune with exactly what she values in her life, as Stacey really loves her two dogs Mia and Ollie and it was the perfect gift for her!

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