Model Session ~ Rodney the Miniature Dachshund

You know you’re onto a winner when you can shoot at a busy location like Kangaroo Point with full focus from your doggy subject! I met up with Rodney and his mum in May last year after she answered a call for commercial models for my (then) new commercial dog model database. I’d been wanting to check out this great Brisbane city location for a while and Rodney sounded like just the dog to help me explore the possibilities of this great spot.


Rodney’s mum has taken him to a bunch of training courses with Brisbane dog trainers Urban Dog Training, including puppy school, advanced puppy school, ultimate recall class and off leash control class. All that training has really paid off, he was an absolute dream to work with, holding complete focus on his mum pretty much the entire time!


His unique colouring is described as silver dapple/merle, and that half blue eye (so very cool) is a product of the merling gene.


This is what his mum had to say about him for his model profile:

“Rodney is a bit of a Mummy’s boy. He loves following me around and his favourite spot is probably my lap. He is a real cuddler! But the other side of Rodney is very playful and curious. He could spend hours chasing lizards in the back yard. He loves playing with other dogs and running around on the beach. He has a lovely temperament.”


I now have over 100 dogs in my commercial model database. I always like to meet up with promising prospects for a test shoot so I can assess their suitability for commercial work. I can safely say that Rodney passed with flying colours – he actually ended up being chosen for a modelling job soon after this shoot, launching his modelling career with a bang.


Doesn’t Rodney have just the sweetest little face? I love the textures and colours of the rocks at Kangaroo Point too – they just happened to compliment his colouring perfectly.


I’d love to shoot at Kangaroo Point again, though it’s not a location that would be suitable for easily distracted dogs as there is just so much going on there. Well socialised, well trained dogs only please! The view over the river at dusk of the city high-rises is just awesome though!


If you have a super well trained dog like Rodney, I’d love to hear from you for possible inclusion in my commercial dog model database. You can read more about the database and apply online here.