Deluxe Session ~ Pepper the Westie in Brisbane

Pepper the Westie is a popular kinda gal, in fact, if you mix in dog circles you might already be a member of her fan club! Pepper shot to fame a couple of years ago when she won the Virgin Australia Velocity Frequent Flyer Official Pet Ambassador (how’s that for a long title!) competition. Her Facebook page now sports over 30,000 followers and she and her sister Britney have fans all over the world.

I half-expected for Pepper to be some kind of ultra-diva, but she’s actually a pretty down-to-earth, regular kinda gal. A very CHILLED girl in fact, so calm and collected that we had to give her quite a bit of encouragement to break into a run for us, but we got there in the end!


Pepper was much happier doing her thing though, sitting pretty in the long green grass at the park.


Sitting pretty on the ground was obviously not enough of a challenge for this pro model, so we tested her out balancing on a log instead. She nailed it. Of course!


I was actually pretty surprised when her mum Leah booked a session, as Leah takes some great photos of the girls herself. One of the main aims for the session though was to get some nice shots of Pepper and Leah together. A little tricky when you’re the one taking the photos all the time!


I’m not quite sure how Leah manages to keep Pepper so clean and white – I am sure it’s a secret that Westie owners around the world would love to know


How cool is Pepper’s collar? And I just love a Westie side profile. They have such cute little wedge-shaped heads!


To get some more variety in the session, we also headed to the Wynnum waterfront just before sunset. The perfect blue skies made an ideal backdrop.


I love discovering new spots at my locations, and this little sandy white beach was an unexpected surprise. I have no idea how I’d never noticed it before! With the sun setting in behind the bushes in the dunes, the last golden rays of sunshine peeked through.


As soon as I saw this image on the back of the camera I thought album cover… and sure enough, that’s exactly what we ended up doing with it!


Pepper always has time for snuggles with her mum.


Something I love about shooting on the waterfront is the ability to keep shooting after the sun sets. On a clear day, there is enough ambient light after sunset to get some really gorgeous dusk shots, which is exactly what we did on the little pier leading out into Moreton Bay.


Leah and Ben ended up going with a collection of beautiful high quality products to show off their photos of Pepper, including a Storybook Album, Canvas and Float Blocks. You can find out more about the products I offer here.