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Bare Bones Session ~ Ziggy the Greyhound in Brisbane

When deciding on the breed of dog to add to my family years ago, I very nearly settled on a Greyhound. I met some at a Gold Coast pet event who were doing their bit to help promote Greyhound adoption through a rescue organisation called Friends of the Hound. I fell in love with their gentleness and sensitivity – these dogs have the most amazing soft temperaments and contrary to what some might assume, make excellent pets.

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Client Session ~ Clive the Staffy Maltese Mix in Mackay

The second of my sessions booked for beautiful Mackay, I was really looking forward to meeting the fabled Clive! He’s owned by one of my good friend’s partner’s sister (follow that?) and I’d already been privy to some sneaky peek shots of this rather unusual looking boy. I found out later after the DNA test results came in, he’s a Staffy with a little bit of Maltese thrown in – I can definitely see that mix in him!

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